Top 12 Candies from the 1930s

Top 12 Candies From the 1930s

While the 1930s brought turmoil, stress, and difficult times as a result of the Great Depression, the 1930s also saw the rise of delicious candy. Such candy that is still popular today, as candy lovers everywhere are looking for retro candy to give them that sweet nostalgic feeling. Thankfully, 1930s old fashioned candy is still readily available at Candy Funhouse. Find some of your favourite classic candies at our large online candy store. 1930s candy is filled with classic chocolate bars and sweet sugary candy. Explore our top 12 candies from the 1930s to make your own 1930s Candy Basket! 

1930s Candy Basket

Are you looking for a 1930s Candy Basket for a celebration or a special person? At Candy Funhouse, order all of your favourite retro candy, and have fun crafting a joyous candy basket! Furthermore, we recommend Pinterest for 1930s Candy Basket inspiration. Fill your Candy Basket with delicious treats from the 1930s. We’ve made your selection process ridiculously easy with our Top 12 Candies From the 1930s list. Enjoy, and get prepared to crave delicious candy!

Top 12 Candies From the 1930s


Originally introduced in 1932, this American Chocolate Bar used to be filled with vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate flavours to be the “3 Muskteers”. However, during the Great Depression, Mars Inc. had to choose the best flavour to preserve. That is why the 3 Musketeer Chocolate Bar exists today! There is a silver lining to everything. Without the Great Depression would the Musketeers Bar be what all know and love? This retro candy is the perfect addition to any 1930 Candy Basket!


1930s 5th avenue candy bar 1930 candy basket item

This Great Depression Candy Bar was introduced in 1936, after New York City’s luxurious Fifth Avenue. Enjoy a chocolate bar topped with mouth-watering delicious toasted almonds and milk chocolate. Inside, appreciate crunchy peanut butter.  This 30s Candy Bar is owned by your favourite candy company, Hersey as of 1986. Still today, you can enjoy the nostalgic taste of fresh 5th Avenue Candy Bars!


Rest assured these are not truly beans! While their name may be misleading, Boston Baked Beans are a crunchy and delightful candy-coated peanut. 1930 was the 30th anniversary of the Boston Red Sox. For sure, fans cheered in Fenway Stadium eating and enjoying Boston Baked Beans. 

It’s no surprise that Boston Baked Beans were created in Bean Town. These are not filled with molasses. Instead, shock your taste buds with sweet crunchy peanuts! No 1930s candy basket is complete without classic Boston Baked Beans.


These sweet and sugary candies from the 1930s will surely stir up childhood memories. Take a stroll down memory lane with this retro Candy Button Candies. This unique retro candy is small buttons of candy stuck to a long sheet of paper. Some children would use Candy Buttons to play doctor. Was that you? For some, the delicious pink, blue, yellow candies would be imaginary medication. Delicious flavours of cherry and lemon nourished your tastebuds with every candy button. Be a kid again with Candy Buttons!


chunky 1930s candy basket candy from the 30s.png

The Nestlé Chunky Bar is a sweet chocolate treat from the past. Filled with delicious peanuts, cashews, California Raisins, and milk chocolate, Chunky Bars are huge! Its name is absolutely fighting for how large the chocolate bar is! This early 1930s Candy Bar is nutritious and sweet, all in one. With perfect breakable pieces, there’s no reason not to share this sweet delicacy! Add this retro candy to your DIY 1930s candy basket.


Top 12 Candies From the 1930s heath candy
Imagine mouth-watering toffee covered in a thick layer of creamy milk chocolate, that is the 1930s Health Bar! These Health Bars were actually invented a few years before the start of the 30s era but went internationally in 1932. At the height of the financial crisis, the world ate away their pain with delicious Heath Bars. These delicious delights are gluten-free, Kosher certified, and made in the USA.


1930 candy basket payday 30s candy

Imagine a cluster of sweet caramel and salty peanuts merged together into the perfect candy bar? That’s Payday! It’s an Oh Henry without the milk chocolate coating. Do you love the taste of salty peanuts mixed with sweet caramel candy? Let this 1930 candy bring you back to your childhood with just one bite. 


Enjoy milky chocolate covered in crisp rice goodness. Feel the authentic crunchy sensation with every bite. This 1930s candy bar invention not only survived the Great Depression, but it’s still a chocolate lovers favourite today! A true Canadian retro candy, Crunch Bars are made with 100% Real Milk Chocolate, vanilla, rice and sugar. Absolutely no artificial flavours when into this chocolate sensation. Forget about plain candy with this crunchy candy delight. 


1930s candy sugar daddy caramel pop

One of the world’s oldest Caramel Pops, we love Sugar Daddy Caramel Pops for it’s delicious slow-cooked caramel lollipop. It’s no surprise that these delicious lollipops are made by Tootsie Roll. Sugar Daddy Caramel Pops are a sweet and chewy caramel lollipop that melts away in your mouth. Reminisce about the 1930s with this retro sweet candy. Throwback in time with classic Caramel Pops! Be sure to add this retro candy to your 1930s Candy Basket to reminisce about the good, and simple days.


Remember enjoying authentic Tootsie Pops by first appreciating the delicious hard candy shell, then finding a chewy Tootsie Roll inside? While Tootsie Rolls have been around since the 1800s, Tootsie Pops made their first appearance in the 1930s. This 1930s candy is remarkably the world’s #1 selling lollipop. In addition, these are great for kids’ birthdays or any wedding candy buffet.


This 1930s creation is truly unique! There is no other candy similar to the Zagnut candy bar. A heavenly combination of crunchy peanuts covered in roasted coconut, this 1930s retro candy is a must-try! Thankfully you can still buy fresh Zagnut bars made by Hersey at Candy Funhouse! These classic Zagnut bars won’t be available in most places, so get yours here!


Who remembers their first life savers? This iconic candy is known for its distinctive packaging and colorful row candies or mints. These 1930s candies have been around for over 80 years, and are still loved by children and adults alike. Over the years, Lifesavers rolls have evolved significantly. For example, now treat yourself to Lifesaver Wild Berry Gummies, Neon Gummies, and the traditional hard candies but in a larger peg bag. Enjoy Lifesaver rolls with the same taste as in 1930!

1930s Candy

1930s candy basket

1930s candy is filled with delicious chocolate bars, candy bars, caramel delights, and hard candy favourites. Looking back at the era of the Great Depression, it’s great to pay tribute to 1930s candy. This candy survived even the darkest of times and continues to thrive today. That just goes to show the power of great candy. Delicious candy has the power to transform even the darkest days, into delightful times. 

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