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Christmas Gifts for Sister!

Cross “gifts for sister” off your to-do list!  The holiday season is a time for joy, laughter, and sharing sweet moments with loved ones. If you're on the lookout for...

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Gifts for Brother - Christmas Gifts for Brother - Christmas Gift Ideas - Christmas Candy - Christmas Treats

Christmas Gifts for Brothers

Find the perfect holiday treats for your brother! We know how rigorous and tedious holiday shopping can be, so we’ve assembled a list of sure-fire gifts that will make your...

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Top 10 Candies of the Month - November

Get a taste of November's best candies As the crisp November air sets in, it's time to cozy up with a delightful assortment of candies that will add a burst...

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Christmas Candy - Christmas Candies - Best Candies - Best Christmas Candies - Holiday Treats - Holiday Candy

Top 12 Best Christmas Candies!

Unwrap The Top 12 Christmas Candies! The halls are decked, the lights are twinkling, and the scent of sugar and spice fills the air—it's the most wonderful time of the...

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Movie Night - Fun Box - Movie Candy

Pairing Fun Boxes & Blockbuster Movies!

What candy box goes with the latest movies?  Let's find out!  Welcome, candy lovers and movie enthusiasts, to the ultimate cinematic and sugary experience! At Candy Funhouse, we believe that...

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Best Candies - Top 10 Candies - Top 10 Halloween Candies - Halloween Candy - Halloween Candies

Top 10 Candies of the Month - October

The best candies in time for Halloween this season! If you haven’t gotten around to carving your pumpkins, finalizing your costumes, or sorting out the best selection of Halloween candies,...

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Ronald McDonald House, Ronald McDonald House Charities, RMHC, Candy Funhouse

From Our House to Theirs - Ronald McDonald House x Candy Funhouse

The Halloween season is a special celebration that allows kids to dress up and become anything they want for one evening and receive treats in exchange for it! What has...

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5 Halloween Costume Ideas Using Candy - Halloween Candy - Halloween Costume

5 Halloween Costume Ideas Using Candy!

Coordinate Your Halloween Costumes with Candy! As Halloween creeps closer, we’re forced to scramble to find the perfect costumes for the eerie evening. If you’re a last-minute shopper (like most...

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Top 10 Candy - September

Top 10 Candies of the Month - September

If you’ve been on a walk around your neighbourhood lately, you may have noticed the air becoming more crisp, and far more leaves littered across the sidewalks. This is a...

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Most Popular Halloween Candies - Halloween Candies - Nostalgic Candy - Retro Candy - 80s Candy - 90s Candy - 00s Candy

Popular Halloween Candies From Each Decade!

The Most Popular Candies Throughout The Decades Greetings fellow Halloween fiends, tis the season for another dive down the history of Halloween. This time we’re rewinding through the decades and exploring the most...

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