Top 12 Candies From The 1950s

Top 12 Candies From The 1950s

Top 12 Candies From The 1950s

Wasnt life simple back in the 1950s? Throwback to the good days of rock n roll, when Elvis and the Everley Brothers dominated the radio. With only 3 TV channels, there wasn’t much choice. However, there was so much sweet candy to savour at the nearby candy store. Remember buying retro candy like Pixy Stix, Charleston Chew, and other nostalgic retro candy for only 5 cents? Every candy lover can still enjoy 50s candy such as Candy Necklaces, Bubble Gum Cigarettes, and Atomic Fireballs. Thankfully, at Candy Funhouse discover a 1950s candy shop right at your fingertips. Which 50s candy is your all-time favourite? Keep reading to explore our top 12 candies from the 1950s. Find these delicious treats on our online 1950s candy store!

Enjoy Our Favourite Top 12 Candies from the 1950s

This cinnamon hot flavoured old fashioned candy is as hot as jalapenos! The Ferrara Candy Company invented Atomic Fireballs in 1954, alongside Lemonheads. Atomic Fireballs have a revolutionary flavour due to its manufacturing process. Sugar is heated under a gas flame, and as a sweet liquid is added, the hard candy begins to form. This process is repeated over 100x before an atomic fireball is created! These atomic fireballs are a lot to handle, but a fan favourite amongst spicy candy lovers. Will you try this spicy retro candy? Buy atomic fireballs at our 1950s candy store.

Thanks to this 1950s candy, we can still wear our candy! The 1950s featured many playful candies. The genius behind a candy necklace still remains a mystery today. The rumour is that Candy Necklaces were invented in Europe, and quickly made their way across the pond. Candy Necklaces feature pastel candies secured by an elastic string that can be worn as a necklace. Little girls loved receiving candy necklaces as Halloween Candy and for birthday celebrations. Relieve nostalgic moments with classic candy necklaces.


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Blow clouds of sugar with these bubble gum cigarettes! These candy cigarettes are a 50s classic candy that is remarkably still available today. While cigarettes are not as popular as they once were, reminisce about your childhood with Bubble Gum Cigarettes with 10 candy cigarettes in each pack. In the 21st century, candy cigarettes are prohibited in many countries including Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and Norway for example. However, candy cigarettes are still available online at your favourite 1950s candy shop! 


This colourful popcorn truly completes a 1950s candy shop! Surprisingly, this delicious caramel popcorn is topped with a colourful pink colour. No need to wait for the next fair or carnival to enjoy pink candy popcorn, instead order it online. These sweet, pink candy-coated popcorns can be enjoyed by all age groups! Thanks to Lucky Elephant, popcorn will never be the same again. This 1950s sweet candy is uniquely Canadian!


At the very start of the rock and roll decade, Charms Candy Sour Balls were created. Still in the original container, enjoy small, yet sour candy balls. Nostalgic feelings will begin to pour over you as you enjoy these retro sour treats. Enjoy 65 pieces of Cherry, Grape, Lemon, Lime, Orange, and Raspberry. Take advantage of Charms Lollipops to enjoy all that Charms candy has to offer.

A 1950s candy shop would not be complete without Hot Tamales. Created in 1950 by “Just Born” Candy Company, Hot Tamales are a classic 1950s candy. Still after all these years, in 2013, Just Born was amongst the top 10 largest candy companies in the United States. This spicy and succulent cinnamon candy is red and has a chewy texture full of spicy flavor. Are you a hot and spicy candy lover? Enjoy this timeless retro candies today to fire up your tastebuds. 

These retro magic sticks will put a curse on your taste buds! We bet you can’t just have one of these retro German candies. This classic 1950s German candy comes in fruity flavours such as: Cherry/Apple, Mango/Strawberry, Pineapple/Orange, and Watermelon/Raspberry.  In 1953, this fruity and delicious treat launched in Germany and instantly became popular for its taste and affordable price. Many years later, Mamba Magic Sticks are introduced to the United States in 1986, and in Russia in 1990. Today, this 1950s candy is still an affordable sweet treat favourite.


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This Austrian candy is an all-time retro candy favourite. Pez Candy Dispensers have evolved significantly over time. Get your candy dispenser is almost any design! Did you know that Pez Candy was originally created as breath mints? As candy lovers, we sure as lucky to have been graced with delicious Pez Candy. See the evolution of Pez Candy throughout the years. What is timeless is the exquisite taste of fruity candy. See our large selection of Pez Candy at our online 1950s candy store!

Since 1953, DUM DUM Lollipops have been a sweet tooth magnet. Over the years, this popular lollipop has evolved from their original 8 flavours: Lemon, Lime, Orange, Coconut-Pineapple, Cherry, Grape, Butterscotch, and Root Beer. Stock up on new flavours for your next special celebration. For example, treat yourself to Dum Dums White Birthday Cake, Strawberry Lollipops, and more exciting flavours at the largest 1950s candy store!

Imagine a communion wafer filled with candy. This isn’t the same as communion though, these are colourful and appetizing candy wafers! Bite into the wafer and enjoy a rush of sweet sugar beads. These are a candy retro staple, that will blast you back to the 50s. Also known as Flying Saucers, this sweet candy was originally invented in Belgium by a communion wafer baker. However, as sales started to decline, sugar was added to the mixture to give us tasty satellite wafers!


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Remember biting off the little bottle caps, and drinking the fruity and sweet liquid inside? This retro candy used to cost only 5 cents back in the 1950s. While inflation has caught up to candy prices, this classic candy is worth every penny. Nik-L-Nips or Wax Bottles, these are a timeless classic. Available in 4 very cool fruit flavours: Cherry, Orange, Lemon and Lime. This bottled candy will blast you right back to the past!

Retro sweets and sour sugar powder that comes in the form of a straw. Remember the first time you tried this toothsome treat? Sunline Inc created this lovable treat in 1952 in St Louis. Before Pixy Stix, Sunline created a sugar to mix with water. However, kids wouldn’t mix it with water, and instead would enjoy the powdered candy. That is how we came to have the Pixy Stix that we all love and enjoy. Interestingly, Pixy Stix gave way to the creation of Sweet Tarts and Lik-M-Aid, other retro candy favourites.


While the classic M&M chocolate was first introduced in 1943, it was only in 1954 that M&M’s graced the world with their delicious peanut version. Originally, these treats were packaged in black and white wrappers. Today, rejoice over the bright colours of M&M peanuts! Enjoy the taste of classic milk chocolate, with a crunchy peanut protein inside. Who doesn’t love M&M Peanut Chocolate? Snack, share, or enjoy them anytime or at your next celebration. 

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Did you enjoy our Top 12 Candies from the 1950s? Which 50s candy is your all-time favourite? We’d love to know! Be sure to comment below to let us know. Looking for more Retro Candy? See our large collection at our online 1950s candy store! Find candy from the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s in our nostalgic candy selection. Take a trip down memory lane, and let the good times roll with delicious and fun retro candy!



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Trying to remember the name of a product from the 50s. It was a chocolate powder came in a straw that you mixed with milk. Also came in vanilla I think in a blue and white paper straw. Was good without the milk too. Tried to recall this for years.


i would love to buy 50 60 70 80 90 box of candy


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