Zagnut Bar

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 Zagnut: Since the 1930s!

Craving a crunch? The Zagnut Candy Bar will fill all your crunchy desires!
This American candy bar is a unique blend of a crunchy peanut center that is coated in layers of toasted coconut.
The Zagnut Bars made their sweet debut in 1930, and remain a classic choice when you need to taste that famous Zagnut crunch!
Experience this coconut crunch with the Zagnut Bar!
  • Made in the USA by Hershey's
  • Famous Since the 1930s

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
pam goit

When I was young this was always my favorite candy bar , and it still is. They are hard to find. Was glad to see that I can get them off of Funhouse now.

Old School candy

Title says it all. Nothing better than old school, retro candy. This is one of the best.

Kerry Beauregard
crispy and delectable

Ever since seeing this candy bar in the movie The Great Outdoors, I wanted to try one, and it did not disappoint.

Elyse Dupuis

My brother was telling me how he’s wanted to try the zagnut bar for decades after seeing it in Beetle Juice when we were kids. I didn’t even know it was a real chocolate bar until googling it and finding it here. I ordered him a few and he said it’s his favourite chocolate bar ever. I really thought he was just exaggerating so I’d be happy with my little good deed, lol. But then he asked me to order more.. and more.. and now it’s a thing. I finally tried it just so he’d shut up, and he was right, along with other reviewers, the coconut isn’t really coconutty. Still not one of my favs as I prefer some nuts and stuff, but I can say it is good. Anyone else he’s had try it, either like it or love it. So if you’ve specifically searched for this; you’re into this kind of bar, just do it, it’s actually better than expected and won’t ruin your childhood desire for this damn bar that I order almost biweekly now.

Mercedes Pomerleau
Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice!

I always wanted to try one of these after seeing them in Beetle Juice and american television growing up, and now I finally have! If I could compare it to anything it would be the inside of a butterfinger or crispy crunch. I love love love the brittle, peanut butter layers! The coconut flavor isn't really noticeable but it adds nice texture!

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