Chief Candy Officer

Status: Applications under Review

Chief Candy Officer - CCO

What is a Chief Candy Officer?

The Chief Candy Officer (CCO) role which is exclusive to Candy Funhouse, is the most coveted position in the candy industry. The position is available to anyone 5 years and older, and is the perfect opportunity for a candy lover to live their dream job. The CCO will be paid 100K per year to eat candy from all around the world. With more than 3,500 products at Candy Funhouse, they’ll get to experience it all and provide feedback on what we keep in stock. The CCO will also lead the Candyologists to ensure they are providing engaging content, sharing reviews to help candy lovers decide what to experience next. The CCO will spend time leading board meetings for the team and will also spend time with the media to share more about all the exciting adventures happening at Candy Funhouse.

When will you be choosing the CCO position?

Great question! We have been pleasantly overwhelmed with the more that 200,000 applications from not only people of all ages, but from all around the world. It’s taking us longer than anticipated however we plan to share more details on this page as we progress. We’re currently performing interviews with those that have applied and have caught our eye!

How much is the position paying?

The CCO position pays $100,000 for the year.

Can I get hired if I live outside of Canada?

To be eligible for the CCO role, you must be a resident living in North America.

Will I be informed if I don’t get the position?

Due to the more than 200,000 applications, we will only be reaching out to the select few who are in contention for the role. We will provide an announcement once we have made our final selection.

Can the CCO work from home?

Absolutely. While the CCO will be required to participate in some media interviews/events, the majority of the role can be done from the comfort of your very own home.

How old do you have to be?

Anyone 5 and older living in North America is eligible. Remember, If you are under the age of 18, you will need your parent’s consent should you be offered the role.