5th Avenue Bar - 2oz

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A Classic American Chocolate Bar.

Craving a sophisticated snack? The 5th Avenue Bar is as rich as it sounds!

This American chocolate bar is filled with layers of a delightfully crunchy peanut butter center that is generously all wrapped up in some rich-tasting, silky milk chocolate!
Creamy, crunchy and so very satisfying with the layers of crunchy textures!
Always be classy with the rich taste of the 5th Avenue Candy Bar!

2 oz. Bar

5th Avenue Chocolate Candy Bars are one of the Top 20 Retro Candies

Customer Reviews

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Tonia Cooper
Transported back in time

5th Avenue is one of my all time favourites. I was beyond super excited to finally eat one again!! I used to eat this when I was in 3rd and 4th grade many many years ago. Each bite took me back to my childhood days. Thank you Candy Funhouse. Will definitely be ordering again!!

Marjorie Ray
5th Avenue Bae

Very Good

Dawn Kirschke
Fast Professional Delivery from Candyfunhouse

5th ave best chocolate bar. I can’t keep too many around ..... no will power with these bars

Angel Tina Demitro
5th Ave Chocolate Bar

5th Ave chocolate bar is the best chocolate bar ever.Its just expensive for the delivery.

Marcelle Kosman

5th Avenue Bar