Top 12 Candies From the 1940s

Top 12 Candies From the 1940s

Candy’s from the 40s brought so much joy to such a dark time. World War 2 and stark inflation paralyzed the 1940s. Yet, some of the best candy of all time comes from the 1940s! We’re candy companies doing their part to relive happiness and joy during dark times? Definitely! These retro candies not only were delicious back then but are still irresistible today! Did you know that Allan Hot Lips Candy, Fun Dips, Candy Cigarettes, Bazooka Bubble Gum, and more delicious treats reign from the 1940s. In such dark times, candy was still sweet as ever! 

Candy’s from the 40s

In the 40s, life was much simpler than today. People consumed media over the radio, instead of on social media. But, what hasn’t changed over the years is how delicious 1940s candy still is. Are you shocked that 1940s candy is still available today? Visit our large 1940s candy store to experience the freshness and sweetness of candy from the 40s! We’ve narrowed down a list of the top 12 candies from the 1940s. This list is in no particular order, as we couldn’t possibly decide which are tastier! Is your favourite retro candy listed below? Let us know in the comments below!

Top 12 Candies from the 1940s

    Almond Joy provides exactly how it’s called, Joy! This satisfying and chewy was first introduced right after WW2 in 1946. Enjoy sweet coconut with whole crunch almonds in a creamy milk chocolate bar. Give your tastebuds something different with the Almond Joy Bar. But, if nuts aren’t your thing, have a Mounds! Mounds are the sister product of Almond Joy, but doesn’t come with the almonds. Enjoy this 1940s American Candy Bar for a special sweet treat.

    top 12 candies from the 1940s almond joy 40s candies
    Enjoy individually wrapped soft retro bubble gum! This is a true nostalgic candy from the 40s. Unwrap each piece for a sweet gum, plus a fun comic. They don’t make bubble gum like this anymore! Stimulate your tastebuds and your mind, all at the same time. This iconic bubble gum is just as fresh and tasty as they were back in the 40s. Relive your childhood with this retro bubble gum candy. Can you still blow big bubbles like you used to? Order some to find out!

    Do you remember these fun bubble gum cigars from the 40s? Each cigar is individually wrapped to maintain it’s quality and freshness. We enjoy Bubble Gum Cigars to take us down memory lane. This nostalgic candy will bring you back to your childhood when life was much simpler. Remember blowing clouds of bubbles with these cigars? Thankfully, at the Candy Funhouse 1940s candy selection, you still can! Buy the whole box for 36 cigars. El Bubble Bubble Gum Cigars are perfect for any sweet celebration. Three original flavours of Banana, Apple & Fruit. Each Bubble Gum Cigar is 5" in length.

    40s candies

    While we all remember Candy Cigarettes as white long candy cigarettes, their name has since evolved into Candy Sticks. Regardless of what you call them, these candy cigarettes are much better for you than real cigarettes. Regardless, back in the 40s no one thought cigarettes to be dangerous, so everyone enjoyed them. Children would play with these candy cigarettes and they were an integral part of everyone’s childhood. Choose from a range of candy cigarettes at our 1940s candy collection.

    A Toosie Candy original, Dots Gum Drops were first created in 1945 and has continued to be the world’s #1 Gum Drop Candy! This 1940s candy is a candy lovers favourite! Enjoy a fun and fantastic fruity mix of pure delicious candy. Appreciate more Dots Gum Drops in the Theater Pack. Do you remember this retro candy from your childhood? Remember the colourful candies with a smooth jelly-like center with a sweet and sugary coating? Dots Gum Drops are a retro candy that is still fresh and fruity today. Enjoy cherry, lime, strawberry, lemon, and orange flavours. Also, try Sour Dots Gum Drops and Tropical Dots Gum Drops for a revolutionary new taste.

    Authentic creamy mints in pure chocolate. This fresh-mint chocolate-covered candy was first invented in 1949 by American candy company, James O. Welch Company. The company is also responsible for creating Sugar Babies, and Welch’s Fudge. Junior mints can be considered a low-fat candy, meant to be enjoyed guilt-free!

    First invented in 1940, wow, these fun dips sure are a good time! Enjoy not one, not two, but three sugary powders to devour. Receive one candy stick that can be licked and dipped into delicious grape Yumptious, Cherry Yum Diddly, and RazzApple Magic. Just the names of these sugar-filled flavours are fun and exciting. Which one will be your favourite? Interestingly, fun dips are more than just candy, but can be used to make flavoured whipped cream! Buy Fun Dips today and enjoy as the classical favourite they are, or invent your own new way to enjoy Fun Dips 40s Candy!

    fun dip 1940s candies
    M&M Chocolate Candies are a retro war time candy. They first bade their debut in 1941 by the inventor, Forrest Mars. While serving in the civil war in Spain, Mars noticed British soldiers eating handfuls of round candy. This inspired his own creation, which happened to be the M&Ms Chocolate Candy that we all drool over. Interestingly, M&Ms are given to soldiers during WW2 as they would not melt and served as an excellent source of protein and energy for exhausted soldiers. The US Army quickly became the M&Ms largest customer, and since then, M&M candies have been apart of our lives. This chocolate sensation is now known worldwide and continues to create new and exciting editions of this 40s retro candy. See our exhaustive collection of M&M goodies at Candy Funhouse.

    The fruity and colourful candies are authentic candy’s from the 40s that still tastes fresh and fruit today! Mike and Ike’s retro candies are packed with luscious, mouthwatering flavours that you’ll love. Enjoy the Mike and Ike Original Fruits in the theatre pack for more candy fun! Your next movie night is not complete without fruity Mike and Ike candies. Treat your tastebuds to fruity explosions with cherry, lemon, strawberry, lime, and orange flavours. Interestingly. Mike and Ike’s candy was created in 1940 by Just Born INC in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

    Introduced in 1949, as the Whoppers Candy that we all know and love. But, did you know that Whoppers was not the original name for this mouth-watering candy? Actually, they were originally called Giants back in the 1930s. Enjoy the sweet taste of malted chocolate in the size of a mini ball. Experience a crispy sensation combined with a milk chocolate sugar rush. Each box comes with 24 delicious treats to enjoy or share with loved ones.

    Who knew that Allan Hot Lips Candy is authentically Canadian?! This hot, chewy, and firey luscious candy is from the Allan Candy Company, originally based in Hamilton, Ontario. The founder of Allan Candy Company, Allan Vertleib started making candy in his home back in 1931. We are so glad he did that, as our lives would not be the same without Allan Hot Lips Candy. This 1940s candy is still an all-time sweet favourite today. There are other hot candies, but none truly compare to the authentic Allan Hot Lips that we all know and love! 

    top 12 candies from the 1940s allan hot lips canadian retro candy

    These chocolate covered cool peppermint chocolates are a Hersey’s favourite since 1940. There is something extremely special and unique about the sensation of cool peppermint wrapped in dark chocolate. Everyone has a friend or loved one who loves fresh peppermint chocolate. Order some of these 1940s candy’s for your candy lover friend, or for yourself today.

40s Candies

Were your favourite 40s candies listed here? Please let us know in the comments below! Enjoy 1940s candies and other retro candy at Canada's largest online candy store. Find nostalgic candy from the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s in our nostalgic candy selection. Take a trip down memory lane, and let the good times roll with delicious and fun retro candy!

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