Top 12 Candies from the 1980s

Top 12 Candies from the 80s

Retro Candy from the 80s!

Welcome to the 1980s! Where leg warmers and sky-high teased hair were the "it" fashion statement. Cabbage Patch Kids were held in the arms of every little girl, and we all fell in love with E.T.

We did the moonwalk, and we all watched the Golden Girls and Family Ties, while we ate handfuls of 1980s candy!
It was a "totally radical" time, and the world of candy was booming!
Travel back into the 80s and discover our Top 12 Candies From The 1980s...

Push Pop

Push Pop - Top 12 Candy from the 1980s - Retro Candy


You could take this lollipop with you anywhere! We never had sticky fingers with the Push Pop!

It was made in a never-before-seen container that allowed you to eat some now and save some for later. This lollipop was a genius candy creation!

Making its charming debut in 1986, this 80s candy became a tremendous new craze! You could keep it in your pocket or on your nightstand along with that sugarless wad of bubblegum. 

Originally available in the flavours of grape and cherry. Until it began to produce an endless variety of other flavours.

This lollipop has grown to include the ultimate Triple Power Pop. Which is three flavours in one. There are even Jumbo sizes now available, and even gummies have been included in the mix with the Push Pop Gummy Pop Its!

As you roll up this flavourful lollipop, the ever-so-bright neon colours of the 80s will come to mind. The fruity scents are out of this world fantastic, and upon the first taste, you realize there will be no need to save the rest for later as you'll happily lick your way through the entirety of the Push Pop!

Come and play like you did in the 80s with Push Pop!

Nerds Candy

Nerds Candy - Top 12 Candy from the 1980s - Retro Candy

Our candy repertoire just would not be the same without the tangy crunch of Nerds!

Nerds Candy was perhaps some of Wonka's finest work! These tiny crunchy morsels of colourful bits of candy are bright, crunchy and beyond flavourful. 

They caused a significant stir when they debuted in the 1971 film Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. Making our candy dreams come true when they hit the store shelves in 1983! Imagine Willy Wonka wearing a bowtie and holding a cane while enjoying the tangy crunch of this candy!

This 80s candy brought life to the current candies at the time. These were the coolest candies we had ever seen! Coming in two-chambered little boxes that featured two flavours.

One half was strawberry /grape and the other a cherry/ orange. This was just the beginning of our love affair with Nerds!

To this day, Nerds Candy is one of the most loved candies on the market. It has expanded into a variety of fantastic flavours and forms. Including Nerds Gumballs.

Nerds Gummy Clusters and the ever-popular Nerds Rope. Which combines a long gummy candy with a colourful finish of Nerds.

Most of us have truthfully never stopped crunching on this legendary '80s candy, and I don't think we ever will.

Growing up is optional with the "scrumdiddlyumptious" taste of Nerds!

Cow Tales

Cow Tales - Top 12 Candy of the 1980s - Retro Candy 

People have savoured these creamy creations since 1984. Cow Tales are long, cylinder-shaped candies with caramel coating and different flavours of creamy filling. We devoured these until the "cows came home" or until the streetlights came on!

Made by Goetze's Candy Company, the makers of the famous Bulls Eyes candy.

You can get vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate flavours. Also, there are Cow Tales Oreo and Cow Tales Brownie flavours available.

As you lusciously sink your teeth into the likes of this 80s candy, the texture is simply unsurpassed. Supple, tender, and filled with incredible flavour. Every bite is beyond satisfying.

This candy is a classic caramel candy that never gets old; Cow Tales are timeless!

We still eat these Cow Tales while telling our tall " tales" of the 80s!


Runts - Top 12 Candies from the 1980s - Retro Candy

This is how we got in our serving of fruit in the 80s, with none other than the famous taste of Runts!

Various little fruit shapes make these colourful candies, and hey, the mix even includes a bright red heart! 

Our magical and whimsical pal, Willy Wonka, gave birth to Runts Candy. Now produced by the Ferrara Candy Company.

The year was 1984, and the exciting addition of Runts at the corner store was nothing short of thrilling. That vivid-looking iconic orange box and the vibrant candies were simply mesmerizing. We saved our allowance and rode our bikes in the pouring rain for the likes of Runts.

Coming in the Wonka-ized flavours of our favourite fruits, not to mention that sweetheart. Runts have stood the test of candy time. Made to feed your fruity cravings and make you feel like a kid again!

Airheads Candy

Airheads Candy - Top 12 Candy from the 80s - Retro Candy

Known for its chewy and stretchy texture, if you pass up on eating Airheads, you just might be one!

This delicious candy made its way into the candy scene in 1985. Airheads Candy are famous for their fruity and juicy flavours and, of course, its long and stretchy, taffy candy pull!

What makes this candy so unforgettable, besides those fantastic flavours, has to be the name. Airheads Candy got its name from Steve Brunner, an employee of Perfetti Van Melle. He asked his sons what they call their friends when they do something silly. "

One of his sons quickly replied, "An Airhead". The name was born, and it proved to be perfect for this light and airy confection.

Originally the only flavour available was red. Now this 1980s candy boasts over 16 different flavours!

If you love the long and stretchy pull of cheese on pizza, you'll be flabbergasted by the "pull" of Airheads Candy. As you unwrap this 80s marvel, the sweet and fruity scent immediately hits you.

This will make your mouth water, but take heart. The first bite is coming. As you chew through this supple creation, each bite releases a remarkable and long-lasting taste. Pull it between your mouth and hand, and you'll be entertained by its impressive length.

You might have a good head on your shoulders now, but let's face it, in the 80s, it was all about the Airheads!

Sour Power Straws

Sour Power Candy - Top 12 Candy from the 80s - Retro Candy

Our hankering for sour candy was just getting started in the 80s. The Sour Power Straws blew us away with their sensational sour candy rush in 1985.

These licorice straws come with a sanded sugar finish. Made in a supreme tasting selection of exciting sour flavours, the thrill of the Sour Power Straws just never gets old!

We're sure these sour candies hung from the happy mouths of those eager 80s kids as they practiced the moonwalk or attempted to breakdance!

With every bite of the Sour Power Straws, the sour flavours will have your taste buds in a tizzy! Originally this sour candy was only available in a few fruity flavours. Now, Dorval Trading Co. is the maker of this 80s candy. Produce more than eleven incredible flavours!

Get into your 1980s power once again with the Sour Power Straws!

Big League Chew

Big League Chew - Bubble Gum - Top 12 Candies from the 80s - Retro Candy

This bubblegum is a home run! Fill your hands, your mouth, and stuff your cheeks with the famous taste of Big League Chew!

This iconic bubble gum made its grand slam in 1980, and we guarantee you won't ever want to spit this out!

Thought of in a bullpen by pitcher Rob Nelson, of the Cleveland Mavericks. Rob was tired of chewing tobacco and wanted an alternative choice. His brilliant idea quickly became a reality when it suddenly came to him in less than a minute. This is how Big League Chew was created. 

Lucky for us! Big League Chew has been a number one choice of bubblegum for generations. It comes in a pouch and is known for its shredded texture. Making it easy to have some now and enjoy some for later.

Coming in a variety of flavours, this bubblegum is always juicy, flavourful and provides the opportunity for those big and bouncy bubbles!

This was the cool new bubblegum of the 80's. Every child of the 80s chewed on wads of this pink stuff and traded a pinch for a pinch of different flavours. Holding the best and most impressive bubble-blowing contests you could dream of!

The novice idea of just grabbing a pinch totally blew our minds. Its innovative pouch package donned a cartoon-looking baseball player and claimed it had the "equivalent of 26 sticks of gum" and they were of "man-sized wads".

Quickly becoming a hit among baseball players everywhere, it was the "darling' of bubblegum in the 80s. If you were frivolous, a whole pouch could last an entire week. Until your next fistful of change was collected to buy more!

Keep on winning with the epic taste of Big League Chew!

Skor Bar

Skor Bar - Hershey's USA - Top 12 Candy from the 1980s - Retro Candy

"Skor" like we did in the 1980s with the remarkable taste of the Skor Bar!

This candy bar is thin and sleek and made its delicious debut in 1981. Made by the Hershey's Company, and initially made to compete against its American twin, the Heath Bar. However, now it produces both, so there's no need for competition!

This delectable Canadian Candy Bar starts with a golden butter toffee in the middle. It's encased in a layer of milk chocolate. It's got a crunchy factor that no other candy bar can really beat.

It's been a perfect ten all along. Every bite contains a whirlwind of taste and texture. Not overly sweet and has a buttery-tasting toffee with a slight taste of nuttiness in the background. The milk chocolate is its soul mate, highlighting every crunchy bite.

We know this candy bar was consumed while the A-team got the bad guys or while you worked up an appetite after playing Pac-Man or Donkey Kong!

Taste the winning streak of the 1980s with the Skor Bar!

Lotsa Fizz

Lotsa Fizz - Top 12 Candy from the 1980s - Retro Candy

This candy has never fizzed out! The Lotsa Fizz candy was in the sweet spotlight in the 1980s.

This candy features a sweet-tasting hard candy shell and is filled in the middle with a fizzy and sour-tasting powder. This was the ultimate 80's candy. It was action-packed, it fizzed with flavour, and it was sure to be in every 80s kid's candy rotation! 

This exciting sour candy came in a strip of five, so the explosive feeling could be experienced multiple times a day, ok in an hour!

Brace your taste buds for this Canadian candy, especially if you haven't eaten it since the 80s. It's still got that burst of intense flavour and of course, that fantastic fizz. It still comes in that famous five-candy long strip and is made in the flavours of Orange, Blue Raspberry, Grape, Cherry and Green Apple.

Feel that 80s fizz all over again with the Lotsa Fizz!

Wacky Wafers

 Wacky Wafers - Top 12 Candy from the 1980s - Retro Candy

This retro candy will have you feeling wonderfully wacky! The Wacky Wafers were once part of our pal Wonka Candy lineup. Now these Wacky Wafers are made by Leaf Brands.

These coin-shaped candies will deliciously crumble in your mouth just like they did in the 80s. These pastel-coloured candies are ready to burst with the flavours of banana, green apple, watermelon, orange and strawberry. They still come wrapped in that original retro-looking packaging!

As you open up these 80s candies, the invigorating and fruity scent will have you reeling with each and every bite! They have that big and flavourful crunch and then will slowly melt away, just like the 80s did. 

A favourite choice of candy among candy enthusiasts! Go on, what are you waiting for? Get wacky like you were in the 80s. Just don't tease your bangs so high!

Hubba Bubba Tape Gum

Hubba Bubba Tape Gum - Top 12 Candy from the 1980s - Retro Candy

Its juicy taste has never left our lips! The Hubba Bubba Tape was the latest and greatest of bubblegum. Featuring a tape-like dispenser that holds over 6 feet of bubblegum. To say we were in our glory would be an understatement. 

If you had the Hubba Bubba Tape Gum, you wouldn't let yourself eat the entire roll at once. It was meant to be savoured, well in the first hour. Let's face it the roll would not last a day in our bubblegum hungry hands!

Available in the beginning in Awesome Original until more flavours were eventually added. Including Sour Green Apple and Watermelon. Today the Hubba Bubba Tape features well over ten luscious tasting flavours!

This bubblegum became currency on the playground. We chewed it until it fell to shreds, blew the most gigantic bubbles, and shared it with only the best of friends. Its sweet scent is unforgettable, and the juicy flavour is reminiscent of days gone by.

To chew Hubba Bubba was a highlight of the 80s. The bubblegum of choice among all of your sugar-fueled friends was. It's the bubblegum we still love to chew, but don't stick it under our desks anymore!

Let the good times roll with the Hubba Bubba Tape Gum!


Skittles - Top 12 Candy from the 1980s - Retro Candy

You can still "taste the rainbow" with the colourful flavour of Skittles! These retro rainbow-coloured gems were born out of Britain before finding their way to North America in the early 80s.

When Skittles Candy first came to town, the flavours were grape, lemon, strawberry, and green apple. To any child of the 80s, a taste of this sweet new kid on the block was really living!

Skittles now has more than just hard candy. They also have gummies, sour candy, and new flavours. Even Skittles Cotton Candy exists.

Want to be surrounded by Skittles all day long? Light up your candy life with a Skittles Scented Candle!

Skittles are so reminiscent of the eighties. Those bright candy hues made way for an exciting and fruity array of flavours. There was nothing quite like Skittles at the time. They were original, more than delicious and a right of passage for every kid to come out of the 80s.

After all these years, there's nothing quite like ripping open a bag of Skittles! Taste that rainbow again with the sensational taste of Skittles!

How many of this retro candy did you enjoy in the 80s?

As we proudly wore our fuzzy leg warmers and sang along to Cyndi Lauper on our walkmans, the world was changing right before our very eyes. 

The 1980s was filled with pop culture, bright new fashions, sounds and some incredible tasting candy!

Discover again the sweet tastes of the 1980s. Just forgo those giant shoulder pads this time!

If you weren't around in the 80s, which candy are you inspired to try?

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