Top 12 Candies from the 1980s

Top 12 Candies from the 80s

Let's throwback to the 80s when the first Sony Walkman was invented, and Pac man was everywhere. Relive big hair, punk rock, and funk to reminisce about the 80's. Go back in time with bright colors, ripped jeans, mullets, bright makeup, leg warmers, spandex, and high-waisted jeans. Maybe, big hair or a mullet may not be feasible. Thankfully, it's easier to reminisce with 80's retro candy. Are you looking to relive the 80s? Enjoy these top 12 candies from the 80's. Relive the good times with sweet nostalgic treats. Are you looking for retro candy? You've come to the right place. We are your #1 stop for all retro candy and popular candies.

80's Retro Candy

It wasn't easy to choose only 12 candies from the 80's to showcase. Truthfully, we love all 80's retro candy. Take a sweet break to reminisce about the good days, with 1980s candy. Feed your sweet tooth and take a trip down memory lane. What is your favourite nostalgic candy? We hope you enjoy our top 12 candy from the 1980s showcase. Please let us know if we are missing your favourite North America 80's retro candy!

 retro 80s candy top 12 candies from the 80s

    Since 1986, airhead candy has been a family favourite. Enjoy a range of sweet or sour candies with Airhead. Enjoy the original taffy favourites, or enjoy AIRHEADS BITE FRUIT. A candy lovers favourite is the AIRHEADS GUM WHITE MYSTERY Try all the delicious candy in the airhead candy collection!

    This soft, out of this world bubble gum is still available today. Enjoy a real blast from the past with this retro bubblegum. As always, the classic bubble gum comes in a convenient pouch. Create nostalgia of being in the Big League with this original bubblegum.

    Who remembers blowing their first bubbles with Hubba Bubba? This awesome original bubblegum favourite is an authentic 80s candy. Today, you can still enjoy 6 feet of delicious bubble gum tape. With a protective guard, Hubba Bubba Tape can be enjoyed on the go, or at home.

  4.  COW TALES 
    For all the caramel lover fans, this sweet and creamy caramel candy is for you. Lavish in a chewy caramel candy bar. Choose between the CARAMELAPPLE, and STRAWBERRY.

    Chupa Chups Lollipops are an 80s candy classic. These delicious lollipops is a real retro candy that we are thankful to have today still. A retro lollipop with delectable hard candy that is irresistible over generations. We bet you can't just have one!

    Get ready to hold back those tears with this 80's sour candy favourite! Enjoy this extra sour candy from the 80s today. Do you love sour candy? This 80's candy is for you! Cry Baby Tears are available in 5 sour flavours: lemon, cherry, grape, orange, and watermelon.

    A fun candy collection invented by the Nestle Willy Wonka Division in 1983. Since the 80s, Nerds candy has transformed into more than small mouth-watering candy traditional paper boxes. Now, be delighted by new Nerds candy. For example, try the Nerds Sour Big Chewy Candy for a sweet and crunchy taste on the outside, and a sour and chewy taste on the inside. Another fan favourite is the NERDS CANDY RAINBOW THEATRE PACK Enjoy sweet, authentic taste, in a larger box!

  8. PUSH POP 

    80s retro candy
    Remember the 80s with this nostalgic candy. Enjoy a sweet thick lollipop, in its very own protective case. You may appreciate some now, and some push pop later. Fancy a few different flavours. Choose between Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, and Berry Blast.

    Appreciate tasty and crunchy hard candy from the 80s. Runts Candy provides a real blast from the past for your taste buds. Enjoy a sweet, powdery center in a variety of flavours. This retro candy might as well be healthy with its fruit like shapes.


    candy from the 80s skittles original peg pack top 12 candies from the 80s

    Skittles, taste the rainbow! Enjoy colourful and fruity small candy in a bigger than usual bag. 191 g of yummy, bright skittles are waiting for you. Did you know skittles were invented in the 80s? Enjoy this timeless 80s candy today.

  11. SKOR 
    Who doesn't love SKOR? A top 12 candies from the 80's list would not be complete without SKOR chocolate. SKOR, initially invented in 1981, but only brought to Canada in 1983. SKOR remains a chocolate bar favourite today. This retro candy is better than ever! Enjoy a rich slab of butter coffee covered in rich Hersey's Milk Chocolate.

    A retro treat favourite is the original spree candy theatre pack. Put on an 80s classic movie, and enjoy 5 oz. Theater Pack of tangy pressed candy covered in a hard fruity shell. Give your taste buds a burst with this fruity and bold 80s candy. Choose between five fruity flavours like cherry, orange, lemon, apple, and grape.

    top 12 candies from the 80s

Enjoy all these top 12 candies from the 80s with Candy Funhouse! See our even wider selection of 80s candy here. Which 80s candy is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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