Top 12 Candy from the 70s

Top 12 Candy from the 70s

Some cool candy from the 70s!

The world as we knew it had completely changed. The 1970s were an extension of free love and the fight for freedom.

 The hippies continued on with their free love endeavours. They donned bell bottoms, huge butterfly collars and the ever-loved, sky-high platform shoes. 

The world was funky and fresh, with no shortage of enormous sideburns and large, dangling gold chains. But the best part of the 1970s was obviously the candy!

If you really want to feel that over-the-top, gaudy grooviness like they did in the 70's read on and discover the Top 12 Candy From the 1970s...

Our Candyologists think these candies are groovy.

Blow Pop

Blow Pop - Candy from the 70s - Lollipops - Bubble Gum - Blow Pops

These famous lollipops have always been totally "far out'! Blow Pop was all the rage in the 1970s. 

Introduced in 1973, the lollipop game had forever changed with these bad boys.

Blow Pops ushered in a whole new level of succulent-tasting lollipops with a unique middle of bubblegum. The first of its kind to hit the market and the mouths of all those funky disco queens!

As you unwrap these sweet suckers, your lips will meet a thick hard candy layer. Filled with various fruity flavours bound to make you drool! Upon some licking or sucking, you'll discover a juicy wad of bubblegum in the middle. It's like two treats in one!

From the dazzling taste of the Blow Pops Blue Razz Berry to the luscious taste of Blow Pop Cherry, every Blow Pop is dually delicious!

Become as charming as those 70s Candy cool cats with the legendary Blow Pop!


Bottle Caps Candy

Bottle Caps - Wonka Candy - Candy from the 70s

Let the good times roll with the epic taste of Bottle Caps. This retro candy made its debut in 1972, inspired by our pal Willy Wonka!

A tablet-like candy with two flavour attributes of tart and sweet. Made to resemble the look of old-fashioned soda bottle caps and your favourite soda!

Quench your tastebuds with the fizzy flavours of Cherry, Cola, Grape and Rootbeer. Each is made with a distinctive flavour profile. Upon unwrapping these Bottle Caps, the scent of soda fills the air. As you chew your way through each candy, they thrill as they crunch and crack and then sweetly dissolve with their delicious respective flavours!

We're sure these Bottle Caps were crunched through many discos and provided the ultimate sugar rush for those free-loving, polyester-wearing hippies!

Taste the soul of the 70s with the ultimate Bottle Caps Candy!


 Bubblicious - Candy From The 70s - Bubble Gum

It's juicy, flavourful and filled with bubble-blowing bliss! Bubblicious was the bubblegum of choice in the 1970s!

It was 1977, and the luscious taste of Bubblicious emerged. There was no time for plain old boring mint gum. The wild child of the 70s demanded fun and flavour in their bubble gum!

What set this Bubblegum apart was its selection of intense and fruity-tasting flavours. Being one of the first on the market to offer a long-lasting taste of flavours like strawberry, watermelon, grape and sour apple. Each taste was luscious, bold and designed to be extra stretchy for creating the ultimate bubbles!

As you open up a pack of Bubblicious, its intense and aromatic classic fragrance makes you want to chew a little longer. With every bouncy bite, the flavour dissolves into an unbelievably delicious fruity concoction. Upon chewing, the sugar crystals slowly dissolve, and you're left with the opportunity for the most bountiful bubbles imaginable!

We know this bubblegum was along for the ride in the 1970s when cruising down the street in your Chevrolet Impala and gasping at all those micro minis and larger-than-life sideburns! Love was in the air, and so was the sweet scent of the epic taste of Bubblicious!

Choose between Strawberry, Watermelon, Grape, Cola, and the original Bubblicious Bubble Gum.

Curly Wurly

Curly Wurly - Candy from the 70s - British Chocolate

Made with strands of braided, delicate milk chocolate, filled in the middle with golden chewy caramel. The Curly Wurly was at the top of its game in the 70s!

 Emerging out of Britain in 1970 and made by none other than Cadbury. The Curly Wurly chocolate bar was widely consumed in the 70s. In North America, this chocolate bar was also referred to as the Wig Wag Bar and the Marathon Bar.

This retro chocolate bar definitely was a favourite of the 70s. Creating fans at just one bite, how could you blame them? It was simple compared to the other chocolate bars at the time, but no bells and whistles were needed in this mouthwatering chocolate bar.

Curly Wurly has you at hello. As you sink your teeth into that rich-tasting milk chocolate to make way for the chewy addition of that golden-hued, lucious tasting caramel. It's a match made in candy heaven, sure to knock your socks off!

Famous to this day, the Curly Wurly Chocolate Bar offers a simple yet delectable chocolate-eating experience that's truly, second to none.



Gobstopper - Jawbreaker Candy - Willy Wonka - Wonka Candy

Sure to have you gobsmacked! The legendary Gobstopper began its "everlasting" fame in 1976!

Perhaps some of Willy Wonka's finest work, the Everlasting Gobstopper, would have been in all its glory in the 70s.

 Made with magical and whimsical colours and layers of flavours, this retro candy had all the funk of the 1970s in one little jawbreaker!

The Gobstopper Candy is famous for its magical and morphing flavours. Made with intense taste and texture, its longevity is definitely one of the best characteristics of this retro candy!

As you rattle the box of this jawbreaker candy, the excitement is real! Prepare for a magical candy endeavour, as each colour reveals a whole new flavour! You'll happily taste the spectacular flavours of Watermelon, Cherry, Grape, Orange, and Lemon, all in one marvellous, marble-sized candy!

The '50s could never. This Wonka Candy was made for the 1970s. It's exciting, wild, and bold and will take you on a whirlwind of an unforgettable candy adventure!

Laffy Taffy

Laffy Taffy - Candy From The 70s - Willy Wonka - Wonka Candy

Take it to the limit with this incredibly stretchy retro candy! Laffy Taffy, just like some of the best things in life, made its dazzling debut in the 1970s!

This taffy candy is famous for its phenomenal tasting fruity flavours. It's long and luscious taffy candy pull, and the funny joke that is still printed on every wrapper!

Our pal Willy Wonka was definitely hard at work when he concocted this retro candy! 

Every bite of this taffy still tickles our funny bones along with our taste buds. As you unwrap the brightly packaged Laffy Taffy, prepare to be baffled by its delightful deliciousness! 

As you hungrily bite through this thick and sturdy retro candy, every ultra-chewy bite releases an unbelievably juicy and long-lasting, fruity flavour. But that's not all, this candy not only delivers on its intense flavours but gives you a chuckle with its amusing jokes!

Banana is the most popular flavour of Laffy Taffy. However, there are several other flavors available such as Grape, Strawberry, Watermelon, and the special Sparkle Cherry flavour.

The Candy King ran a chocolate factory with Charlie. We wonder how he managed to meet the demand for the famous Laffy Taffy!

Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks - Candy from the 70s - Retro Candy

Still rocking us to the core, the famous taste of Pop Rocks rages on as a top candy contender of the 1970s!

After all these years, the thought of an explosive popping candy is still just as fun and amusing as ever.

These minuscule candy gems made an explosive impact in 1975. When food chemist William Mitchell actually discovered the key to fueling the free love movement in its entirety! 

Popping candy's explosive nature was unknown until these babies arrived and caused a stir in the candy world. Pop Rocks flew off the shelves and changed the boring prospect of the usual hard candy into something fun and unique!

As you embark on any Pop Rock adventure, prepare yourself for those rocks and shocks to exult in your mouth. This candy has never been for the faint of heart. If you're a stranger to this retro candy phenomenon, start with one little grain at a time. But if you're a connoisseur, just pour the entire contents into your mouth and let the explosive fun begin!

We imagine these retro sparks of sugarful fun got many a party started in the 70's. For the brave and bold candy lovers, Pop Rocks is for you!

Does any remember Mikey from the Life cereal commercial?

Reeses Pieces

Reeses Pieces - Hershey's - Candy from the 70s

Hershey's made this yummy candy, which became popular in the 1970s. Introduced in 1978, and truly made their mark when our adorable alien friend, E.T. took a liking to them.

Each delicious morsel has a hard candy shell on the outside and contains smooth peanut butter candy in the middle. The crunchy texture of the candy shell and the creamy consistency of the peanut butter fill every bite.

As your mouth ventures into this peanut butter delight, the fragrance of that nutty middle will have your mouth watering. Every crunch uncovers the mixture of sweet and salty, delivering the perfect balance of flavours.

With their distinct orange, yellow and brown candy casing, these retro candies are a popular candy today. Keep a "piece" of the 70's alive, with the delectable taste of Reeses Pieces!

Ring Pop


Ring Pop - Candy from the 70s - Retro Candy - Retro Lollipop

We're positive the famous Ring Pop completed many funky outfits of the 70s! In 1979, Frank Richards created this eye-catching candy to help his daughter stop sucking her thumb. It became popular in the candy world.

His clever plan succeeded, and people who loved candy in the '70s fell in love with this lollipop on a ring. 

They first sold this candy ring in cherry and grape flavours, but now it comes in many other flavours too. 

Ring Pop offers a kaleidoscope of taste and will definitely complete any outfit. This retro candy is like a disco ball on your hand. Flash it around and flaunt it! It's fun and funky and, to this day, delivers that groovy inferno of the 1970's!

Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly - Candy from the 70s - Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly graced us in 1976 with these unsurpassed jelly beans. When these jelly beans first appeared on the candy scene, they arrived with only eight flavours! A mere cry from today, as now Jelly Belly offers an endless array of gourmet flavours that would send even the biggest of foodies into a flavourful tizzy!

The humble little jelly bean was humble no more! Jelly Belly quickly gained immense popularity as more flavours were released. These Jelly Beans were so popular they even introduced the blueberry flavour for the inauguration of Ronald Regan. They shipped 3.5 tons of blueberry-flavoured jelly beans to Washington, DC., gaining even more popularity!

Despite the jaw-droppingly delicious flavours of Jelly Belly, they have foiled our taste buds with the ever-popular Bean Boozled. Which boasts the likes of rotten eggs and dirty socks!

But don't worry if that's not your idea of a good time. These keen beans offer countless flavours that will have you back for more! The Jelly Belly Ice Cream Mix will have you skipping the scoops. And the Jelly Belly Sours could replace even your most favourite sour candy!

Keep that 1970s fire in your belly with the epic taste of Jelly Belly!

Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids - Candy from the 70s

These kids must have wanted in on that 1970s action! The Sour Patch Kids were initially known as Mars Men when they first arrived on the candy scene. Come to think of it, they do sort of look like little Martians!

These cute kid-shaped chewy candies are always up to a flavourful adventure! From their claim to fame of being "sour then sweet". The fun of the Sour Patch Kids seems like a never-ending party!

Originally these candies were only available in lemon, lime orange and raspberry. Before taking our taste buds by storm and adding an endless array of flavours, colours and sizes.

Now, there are plenty of "new kids on the block". Including the Sour Patch Kids Xploderz, the chewy goodness of the Sour Patch Kids Heads. They even have a Sour Patch Kids Zombie candy. These kids have even landed in the likes of Trident Gum! Where you can chew on the long-lasting fruity assortment of impressive flavours!

As you prepare to join these fun-loving kids, opening up a package is nothing short of mouthwatering. Each sugar-coated, chewy candy will take you on a dauntingly delicious journey of intense flavours and textures!

There's always "a new kid in town," but none compare to our beloved Sour Patch Kids! 

Swedish Fish

Swedish Fish - Candy from the 70s - Retro Candy

This candy will always get you hook, line and sinker! Swedish Fish reeled in those 1970s candy connoisseurs. Coming in a bright hue of red, these fish-shaped chewy candies are more than ready to swim into your mouth!

Originally introduced in the '50s by Swedish candy maker Malaco before swimming into North America in the 1970's.

These Swedish Fish were once exclusively available at the corner store. Kids eagerly collected them in paper bags bought with pocket money or earnings from a dreaded paper route. 

They haven't changed much over the years, although we're almost certain that eating them out of a wrinkly paper bag is now passe! The lineup of these retro candies has expanded to include new flavours, shapes and sizes. Now you can indulge in some mini tropical fish, some Swedish Fish Tails, there are even Swedish Fish Jelly Beans!

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but none compare to the Swedish Fish! 

    Was your favourite 70s candy listed here?

    The 1970s were a wild time. Flashy and bright and adorned with funky and psychedelic patterns and colours. It was the era of disco and big butterfly collars. It was a time of immense change in the world, but what remains are the unforgettable candies of the 70's!

    If you were a wild child of the 70s, which candy do you remember eating? If you're a fresh-faced newbie, which 1970s candy will you try next?

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