Top 12 Candy from the 60s

Top 12 Candies from the 1960s

60s Candy during changing times.

It was the era of change and the beginning of rebellion. The 1960s ushered in Freelove, antiwar protests and above all, some incredible tasting candy!

The poodle skirts became a thing of the past, and the free love movement was in full force. 

We experienced the "Summer of Love '' in 1967, and the candy of the '60s made it that much sweeter!

Take a stroll down memory lane and relive the good old days with some of the most famous retro candy of the '60s,

Here are our top 12 candies of the 1960s....


Do you remember these candies from the 60s?

Cadbury Creme Egg

Cadbury Creme Egg

Don't wait for the easter bunny to crack open one of these! The Cadbury Creme Egg is a glorious-tasting Cadbury Chocolate to enjoy any day!

This egg-cellent chocolate egg was made by the Cadbury Brothers in England, dating back to 1923, before gracing the rest of us in 1963. These sweet eggs originally went by the name of Fry's Creme Eggs before it was changed to the Cadbury Creme Egg.

An exciting endeavour for any chocolate enthusiast! That iconic foil wrapper gives way to the enchanting scent of a thick, milk chocolate shell. Upon the glorious first bite, that oozing middle will drip down your chin, but you won't care. As it is the most heavenly egg yolk you've ever encountered!

The combination of Cadbury milk chocolate and that white and yellow fondant middle is unsurpassed!

Of course, the 1960's were egg-citing! Any day is exciting, with the irresistible taste of the Cadbury Creme Egg!

Fruit Stripe Gum

Fruit Stripe Gum - Top 12 Candy from the 60s

This wild and fun bubblegum made its juicy-tasting launch in 1969. The Fruit Stripe Gum was known for its friendly-looking zebra mascot. This gum is special because it has temporary tattoos in each pack. Who wouldn't want to have tattoos while chewing tasty gum? 

Famous for its unsurpassed fruity flavours and vibrant-looking packaging. This flavourful bubblegum included the exciting flavours of Wet n'Wild Melon, Cherry, Lemon, Orange and Peach.

We're sure the Fruit Stripe Gum was found on the bottom of millions of shoes, especially during all of those 1960s protests! This fun bubblegum even has edible wrappers!

As you open up this bubble gum, the memorable and sweet scents will induce drooling, and as you pop that first piece in your mouth, the flavours come alive with deep and vibrant fruitiness that is only original to the Fruit Stripe Gum.

Perhaps still tucked away in some forgotten 1960s purses and pockets, this gum is truly one of a kind. After all, they say a zebra never changes its stripes, and neither does the Fruit Stripe Gum!

Unfortunately, Fruit Stripe Gum has been discontinued as of January 2024


Razzles - Top 12 Candy of the 60s

Emerging in 1966, Razzles were hip and cool while being deliciously fascinating. 

As the tagline of this retro candy states, " First it's a candy, then it's a gum. Little round Razzles are so much fun".

 Razzles Candy starts off as a fun-tasting carnival in your mouth before it magically transforms into a flavourful piece of gum! Now that's what we call "candytainment"!

First available in only the flavour of raspberry, partly why they were called Razzles. Over the years, Razzles Candy has expanded to include not only raspberry, but lemon, blueberry, grape and orange.

 These candies of the 60s have since emerged with a brand new attitude! Including Razzles Tropical Candy, Razzles Sour Candy, Razzles Berry Mix, and they've even included the Razzles Fizzles. Not only do these morph into bubble gum, but they deliciously pop in your mouth!

All these years later, we still want to "razzle dazzle" our taste buds!


100 Grand Bar

100 Grand Bar - Candy from the 60s

Never mind lining your pockets with cold hard cash. This candy bar has some delicious payoff!

Created in 1964, the 100 Grand Bar was most certainly enjoyed by the masses. A deluxe candy bar beginning with crisp puffed rice, sleeping in a bed of golden caramel, all wrapped in a blanket of rich tasting milk chocolate.

Every bite is just as exquisite as it was in the 60s. This American candy bar has staying power for its rich and sophisticated flavours and textures.

The 100 Grand Bar emerged during the height of game shows, hence the monetary name. This delicious bar has also had its share of fame. Referred to in a speech from the hit television show, The Office, when Michael mentions it in a motivational rant. This candy bar also found its way to the actors of the hit show Friends, when each actor demanded 100 Grand per episode. They each got a box of these delivered to their dressing rooms!

Life is just as grand as it was in the 60's, taste it with the 100 Grand Bar!

100 Grand Bar is amongst the Top 15 Favourite American Chocolate Bars.


Sweetarts - Candy from the 60s

The year was 1962, and our pal Willy Wonka was just around the corner, waiting to emerge with the likes of the Sweetarts Candy!

The candy enthusiasts of the 60s just couldn't get enough of that fruity and tangy taste of Sweetarts. In fact, we're sure these iconic candies helped to fuel the free love movement!

Sweetarts were originally made as candy tablets and had fruity flavours like Cherry, Lemon, Lime, Grape, and Orange. 

Upon this retro candy debut, these candies blew the competition out of the water. No one had ever tasted such a flavourful and tangy candy quite like these. 

The amazed candy connoisseurs of the 1960s grew the Sweetarts line of candy to fame! Now the line includes a delicious variety of candies, including the Sweetarts Ropes, Sweetarts Giant Chewy, and Sweetarts Sour; the choices are endless. They've even included Santa's fav, the Sweetarts Candy Canes!

This retro candy graced the mouths of those free-loving flower children and remains a loved and favourite candy to this very day!


Canramilk - Cadbury Chocolate Bar

We've been devouring its golden and nectarous caramel since 1968! The Caramilk Bar has long been a favourite Cadbury Chocolate Bar. Making its debut in Canada before spreading its sweetness to New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

As you prepare to experience the Caramilk bar, be ready for that golden-hued, oozing caramel to drip onto your hungry lips. Each and every bite is rich and creamy and is nothing short of sweetly satisfying!

Made with a bar of rich milk chocolate filled in the middle with caramel, this Canadian Chocolate bar has always had mystery and intrigue surrounding it. 

The question has always been just how do they get that caramel inside? This is "still one of life's sweet secrets". This slogan even began a contest of trying to figure out this delicious dilemma. This began a huge contest and remains a secret to this day. The question still plagues us, but the answer is locked up in a vault in Toronto at the Cadbury Gladstone Chocolate Factory.

We've realized that the only way to figure out this question is to eat more Caramilk Bars as we ponder the answer. 

 Then again, some things are better left a secret!

Now and Later Candy

Now and Later Candy - Candy from the 60s

Why stop at now? Why not now and later?

 The Now And Later Candy has been a staple in the world of candy since its sweet debut in 1962.

This taffy candy uncovers a world of immense and chewy texture and fruity flavours. Its chewy goodness is what makes that unbelievable flavour linger, providing that deliciousness not only now but later sensation!

Unwrapping these colourful candy gems is an experience in itself. The aromatic scents come alive and pull you into a chewy candy bliss!

Originally this retro candy came in the fantastic fruitiness of Apple, Grape, Cherry, Strawberry and Banana. The flavours have since expanded to include the Now And Later Splits and our most favoured, the Now And Later Morphs. This evolution magically uncovers an exciting flavour transformation as you chew the candy!

Remember, Later is never promised; taste the flavour euphoria now!

Lemonhead Candy

Lemonheads Candy - Candy from the 60s

We know those wild child hippies loved to "pucker up' in the 1960s! It was the perfect time for the Lemonhead Candy to emerge.

This tart and tangy candy burst onto the candy scene in 1962. Introduced by the Ferrara Pan Candy Company, the same makers of the Atomic Fireball and Red Hots. 

Lemonhead Candy is made using a panned candy process which means that these bright yellow candies can take up to fourteen days to make! Worth the wait? Of course, these bright and citrusy lemon-flavoured candies are bold and exciting-tasting hard candy.

Originally these retro candies were only available in the first released lemon flavour until recently; the Lemonhead candy can now be experienced in a chewy version and in the amazing flavours of Raspberry, Strawberry, Cherry, and Watermelon are now on the menu!

The maker of this zesty candy, Nello Ferrara, said the inspiration for the Lemonhead Candy came from the birth of his son, Salvatore. Who was apparently born with a lemon-shaped head!


Starburst - Candy from the 60s

This unexplainable juicy candy has long remained a favourite choice for every candy connoisseur! The Starburst Candy is like little gifts of happy chewiness. Ready to burst with that fruity and juicy candy flavour that only the iconic Starburst Candy can deliver!

It started off in England in 1960 and was originally named "Opal Fruits". Until it finally arrived in North America in 1967, and the name was eventually changed.

The original flavours of this memorable retro candy were Strawberry, Orange, Lemon and Lime. It wasn't until 1984 that the Starburst candy really came alive and expanded its flavours to include other fabulous fruity flavours.

From the Starburst Fave Reds to the All Pink, this extensive line now includes a delicious variety of different textures as well. Including gummies, lollipops and even some cotton candy!

Our love for Starburst Candy goes on. Deliciously boasting its sensationally bold flavours and sink your teeth into texture remains unsurpassed!


Do you remember the chewy Gold Mine Bubble Gum? This 60s golden nugget Bubble Gum is filled with juicy, fruity flavour. This retro gum will, for sure put a smile on your face. The Gold Mine original candy comes in a cloth bag with a tie string and 2 ounces of delicious gold gum nuggets inside.


Nourish your inner child with this delicious retro powdered candy. Guaranteed sugar rush with every Pixy Stix that features sweet powdered candy in a straw-like shape. Pixy Stix flavours are available in Grape, Maui Punch, Cherry, and Orange. Enjoy 6 inches of pure sugar delight with this classic 60s powdered candy.

Cadbury Mini Eggs

Cadbury Mini Eggs

Thanks to Cadbury, we've been happily crunching through Mini Eggs since 1967! 

Hailing from the UK before sharing the egg-squsite deliciousness with the rest of the world! 

These little Mini Eggs pack quite a punch! Coming in pretty pastel candy coated shells and uncovering a rich and creamy Cadbury milk chocolate in the middle. 

Long though of as just an Easter Candy, now these retro gems can be devoured all year long. I mean, the Easter Bunny could never!!!

The rich and exciting adventure of the famous Mini Egg never ceases to amaze us. As you prepare to indulge, the aromatic scent of chocolate fills the air along with a sweet candy scent.

As this chocolatey goodness reaches your mouth, that sweet-tasting crunch just hits differently. Exposing a delectable blend of creamy milk chocolate and bits of crunchy candy.

Our love as a candy collective for the Mini Eggs is much more than just infatuation. This glorious chocolate-infused egg has stood the test of time and continues to deliciously captivate our senses!

Over the years, Cadbury Mini Eggs have morphed into many different variations. The most popular being the original, however the Cadbury Dairy Milk Mini Eggs Chocolate Bar is a close second.

The crunch that has lasted generations can only be found in the mighty Mini Eggs!

Astro Pop

Astro Pop - Candy from the 60s

Still blasting off our tastebuds! The Astro Pop is a famous lollipop that emerged in 1963. 

Resembling the likes of a futuristic rocket, the Astro Pop features three flavours. Including Pineapple, Passionfruit, and Cherry, this famous lollipop took the world of candy by storm, providing hours of flavourful licking. Never before had we experienced such a long-lasting and exciting-looking lollipop!

This candy creation was brought to us by two rocket scientists who actually quit their day jobs to focus on creating this famous confection! We must admit we're glad they did. What would your childhood have been without the beloved Astro Pop?

They couldn't have picked a better time as the "Space Race" was such a hot topic then. They certainly capitalized on the name and rocket-like shape of this retro lollipop!

Truly an out-of-this-world-tasting lollipop that we guarantee will still blast your tastebuds into a delicious-tasting candy oblivion!

Zotz Candy

Zotz Candy - Fizzy Candy - Top 12 Candy from the 60s

The distinctive and fizzy nature of Zotz candy must have taken those 1960s tastebuds on an exciting candy endeavour!

After all, the fizzy powder that erupts from Zotz, is an exciting attribute to this 60's candy. 

Originally emerging out of Italy, made by G.B. Ambrosoli before sharing its fantastic fizz with the rest of us in North America! 

The key to this retro has always been inside that candy shell. Exposing its thrilling exploding center along with the fruity flavours of orange, grape and blue raspberry.

Zotz candy has never fizzled out and continues to amuse us with its rush of that awesome fizzy sensation! Its vibrant taste and remarkable fizzing factor remain an electrifying 1060s candy!

What 60s Candy do you remember that we forgot?

The 1960s offered us some unforgettable times. Along with the uprising, this retro candy has left an indelible mark on our memories and, of course, our tastebuds! 

Imagine, the energy and history of the 1960s is still wrapped up in these incredible candies! Discover the flavours they once tasted as they began to change the world as we know it.

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I am trying to find candy called Chuck Wagon chocolate covered coconut.

It was sold during schools fundraisers.


I am trying to find candy called Chuck Wagon chocolate covered coconut.

It was sold during schools fundraisers.







Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith

I’m trying to find a candy that I remember from the late 60s & early 70s. It was a butterscotch square of hard candy. The squares were approximately an 1 1/4" square & about 1/4" thick. I was a little boy & only got to eat one…possibly 2 when we went to visit this sweet old lady. I’ve never forgot them. I’ve asked other vintage candy sources but no one has ever heard of it. Thank you for your help!
Kevin Smith

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