Top 12 Candies from the 1960s

The 60s were marked by more than the civil rights movement, the Vietnam war, and antiwar protests. The 1960s were also an era famous for its sweet and delectable candy. The 60s were bright, creative, and happy. Throwback to the 60s with nostalgic retro candy. 60s candy is sweet, delicious, and classical. Enjoy lots of candy from the 1970s at the most extensive online candy store, Candy Funhouse.

60s Candy

When you think of 60s candy, what delicious memories come to your mind? Do you remember explosions of flavour from classic candy-like Lemonheads, Pixy Stix and Razzles Candy? Candy from the 60s is thankfully still available today. Enjoy convenient shipping throughout Canada and the United States. Which 60s Candy will you order today? We’ve narrowed down the extensive selection to the top 12 Candies from the 1960s. Now, these candies are in no particular order. Each retro candy will bring you back to the 60s with one sugary bite.

Top 12 Candies from the 1960s 

  1. CADBURY CREME EGG. Everyone’s Eastertime favourite has been around since the 60s! This 60s candy is filled with creamy icing in the centre, and milk chocolate on the outside. We love this easter treat, that we enjoy it throughout the year! The Easter bunny makes frequent stops to Candy Funhouse to ensure we are adequately stocked. When we happen to run out of Cadbury Creme Eggs, we patiently wait for the Easter Bunny to deliver the mouth-watering creme eggs.

  2. FRUIT STRIPE GUM. Do you remember the Zebra striped gum with fun temporary tattoos inside? They certainly don’t make bubble gum like they used to! Fruit Stripe Gum comes in 5 delicious flavours including Cherry, Grape, Mixed Fruit, Lemon, and Cotton Candy.  Sweet Times Do Live Here at Candy Funhouse!

  3. RAZZLES CANDY. Razzles gives you the ultimate surprise. Start enjoying a retro hard candy, that turns into bubble gum! Experience magic with this 60s candy. This small retro candy comes in a lot of different mouth-watering flavours. Choose from Razzles Original: Lemon, Raspberry, Grape, Orange, and Blueberry. Or, enjoy the Razzles Tropical with a melody of Sweet Pineapple, Strawberry-Banana, Tropical Punch, Tangerine & Kiwi-Lime. Better yet, be brave with Razzles Sour! Sour flavours include timeless favourites like Lemon, Cherry, Lime, Orange & Blue Raspberry. Which Razzles Candy will you order today?

    Top 12 Candies from the 1960s
  4. 100 GRAND BAR. This retro American Chocolate Bar contains sweet and chewy caramel at the centre. 100 Grand Bar’s is covered with crispy crunchie pieces of crisped rice combined perfectly with creamy milk chocolate. There is no questioning why the 100 Grand Bar is amongst the Top 15 Favourite American Chocolate Bars.

  5. SWEETARTS CANDY. This sweet and tangy candy is inspired by Willy Wonka himself! Taste retro candy directly from the Willy Wonka Candy Factory with our convenient shipping! Enjoy delicious and tarty candy that will bring you back to the 60s! Did you know that Sweetarts Candy was invented with the same flavours as PIXY STIX?! This top 12 candy from the 1960s, was created in 1963 and is still a sweet favorite.

  6. NOW AND LATERS. This 60s candy dates back to 1962, from Brooklyn, New York. Do you remember this classic candies’ original slogan, “Eat Some Now, Kid”?. Their original motto still applies today. This chewy taffy candy sure requires lots of action from your mouth muscles. Work for this delicious taffy now and latter. It’s almost like this candy company knew they’d still be favored over 50 years later. Enjoy a fruity taffy candy to reminisce about fun times in the 60s! 

  7. LEMONHEADS. This bright yellow candy is a 60s candy sensation. Lemonheads, alongside Now and Laters, were both introduced in 1962. Enjoy sweet candy, until you get hit by a lemon tasting zing! These classic Lemonheads will surprise your taste buds, and have them craving more! Did you know that Lemonheads are created with real lemon juice?! This fruit flavored hard candy is a favourite for everyone in the household. Share this retro candy with your children, and start recalling the best old school memories!

    Top 12 Candies from the 1960s

  8. STARBURST FRUIT CHEWS. These fruity chewy candies are filled with sweet and sour fruity flavours to enjoy. Treat yourself to a blast down memory lane as each Starburst Fruit Chew brings you back to your childhood. Choose from delicious flavours like Cherry, Orange, Strawberry, and Lemon. Made by the candy company The Wrigley Company, and first introduced in 1960. This 60s candy is remarkably still sweet and delicious after all these years.

  9. GOLD MINE GUM. Do you remember the chewy Gold Mine Bubble Gum? This 60s golden nugget Bubble Gum is filled with juicy, fruity flavour. This retro gum will, for sure put a smile on your face. The Gold Mine original candy comes in a cloth bag with a tie string and 2 ounces of delicious gold gum nuggets inside.

  10. PIXY STIX. Nourish your inner child with this delicious retro powdered candy. Guaranteed sugar rush with every Pixy Stix that features sweet powdered candy in a straw-like shape. Pixy Stix flavours are available in Grape, Maui Punch, Cherry, and Orange. Enjoy 6 inches of pure sugar delight with this classic 60s powdered candy.

  11. HARIBO GUMMY BEARS. Juicy, fruity, and chewy, we bet you can’t just have one! The Haribo Candy Company introduced these loveable gummy bears, and many imitations have been created. Yet, there is nothing like the authentic juicy taste of Haribo Gummy Bears! This German-made gourmet candy is essential for any candy bar at your next special occasion.

  12. CHERRY SOURS.  These pleasurable Sour Hard Candies originally come in England. With a sour tart taste, wrapped in smooth wax paper, these Regal Crown candies are a pure 60s gourmet candy. We bet the Queen still enjoys Cherry Sours 60s candies. This popular candy from the 1960s will make you pucker up!

    Top 12 Candies from the 1960s sour cherry candy

More Candy From the 60s

Can’t get enough candy from the 60s? We understand. Neither can we! Keep the fun times rolling with more retro candy from the 1960s.

  • TURKISH TAFFY. Have you had the chance to smack it, crack it, and eat it?! That’s the Turkish Taffy way. Before enjoying this classic candy, you have to crack the taffy into bite-size pieces. Then, after breaking it, let the candy melt away in your melt. This popular 60s candy, made a come back in 2010 to satisfy hard-taffy-lovers worldwide. If you’ve never tried this crackable candy, be sure to order yours today. Enjoy mouth-watering flavours like Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana, and Strawberry!

  • ASTRO POP. Take yourself to another planet, or another era with this timeless retro candy. Astro Pops were first introduced in 1963 to symbolize a rocket, yet only in 1969 did Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. Apollo 11 must have had Astro Pops in their rocket to blast them to the moon. Have your own flavour blasting experience with this retro lollipop.

  • ZOTS SOUR CANDY. You’ll be delighted to know that these sour candies are still available today. Be careful as you bite into the centre, as you’ll quickly receive a rush of sour fizz on your tongue. Enjoy this sour fizzy retro candy today. Originally invented in 1968, this fizzy candy is a must to reminisce about the 60s.

1960s Candy Favourites

60s candy favourites

Which 60s candy is your favourite? We’d love to know, please let us know by commenting below. Was your timeless candy listed here? Rest assured that we do carry an extensive amount of sweet retro candy in our collection. Find candy from the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s in our nostalgic candy selection. Let the good times keep going with nostalgic candy shipped right to your door throughout Canada and the United States.


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