Dots Sour Gumdrops Candy Theatre Packs


Classic Retro Candy Gone Sour!

Movie night will be perfectly complete for every sour candy lover with the Sour Dots Candy Theatre Pack. These chewy, cone-shaped candies are sure to tickle those sour hungry tastebuds! Bursting with such tanginess and sourness with their smooth jelly-like centre and a generous sugary coating on the outside. Sour Dots Candy comes in five ferociously sour pleasing flavours including Sour Lemon, Sour Cherry, Sour Green Apple, Sour Grape and Sour Orange. 

  • Made in the USA
  • Kosher Certified Parve
  • Gluten-Free

6 oz.

Corn syrup, sugar, modified food starch, citric acid, palm oil, malic acid, natural and artificial flavours, sodium citrate, artificial colours (FD&C red 40, yellow 5, blue 1).

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