Make Your Retirement Party A Sweet One!

Make Your Retirement Party A Sweet One!

Congratulations! You’ve reached that outstanding stage in your life when you are able to officially retire… That’s amazing! This is certainly cause for celebration!

Whether you’re planning your own retirement party, or someone else’s, it’s a well-deserved time to have a few family and friends over to cheer! Chances are you may have the party in your own backyard, at a country club, favourite restaurant, or a family member’s home… and now that you’ve decided on the venue, it’s time to decide what this party will look like!

Happy Retirement Party

What’s the Theme?

For many retirees, a retirement party is always best celebrated with a ‘Theme’ in mind. Sometimes the retiree wants to move down south, spend more time golfing, travel to Europe, or take on the outdoors… and all of these offer a great opportunity for party themes!

For example, you can host a “Golf Party”, where all your guests must wear comfortable golf attire including golf shoes, a putting green in the backyard, coloured flags with stations (one for food, one for drinks, one for sitting and chillin’), and you can easily complement this with a candy buffet table! What does this look like?

A table would have photos of the retiree, golf balls in various colours and in various glass containers, coloured flags with numbers representing the retiree’s years of work, and of course, CANDY! 

Or how about a retirement celebration for a banker, financial advisor, or accountant? Imagine what a fun candy loot bag would look like if it were filled with gold and silver themed candy? We have all that readily available at Candy Funhouse!

Here are some great ideas for your Candy Buffet Retirement Party table:

  • Money Money Money! Rather than have the newly retired guest of honour worry if they have enough money to retire, why not host a "money money" party? Include candy like Gold Mine Nugget Bubble Gum, which are not only nostalgic and will bring them back memories from the past, but a great send-off into retirement! Or how about Milk Chocolate Loonies – Of course! These novelty candies are a must at every retirement party! When many retirees are wondering if they have enough money to retire, they will feel at ease with the look of these golden, sweet babies!
  • Old-Fashioned Candy – Bring them back to their childhood and to good memories, with Candy Funhouse’s large collection of nostalgic candies! Simply search for “old fashioned candy” “nostalgic candy” or “retro candy” and check out the huge selection! Some favourites include Rock Candy Sticks, Old-Fashioned Hard Candies such as this Root Beer Hard Candy by Claeys, Taveners Fruit Drops, Popeye Candy Sticks… remember those? Of course you do!
  • Candy by the decade – We’ve also put them all together for you by the decade… So you can select Top Candies from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and so on… The newly retired person will just love reminiscing on some of their childhood favourites!
  • Candy by the colour – When you’re hosting a party, whether it’s for a birthday, wedding, baby shower, and a certainly for a retirement party, colour themes are a must! They make for eye-catching and memorable celebrations, which is what you are aiming for at a retirement party. At Candy Funhouse, we have tagged all our candy by colour sections, so that is easily something you can search for on our website. Maybe it’s a blue-themed party for a Blue Jays Baseball fan, or a Green-themed party for an avid gardener… or why not host a Red-themed party if it happens to fall on Canada Day? The possibilities are endless!


Turning 50, 60, or 70+ years of age doesn’t mean that a sweet tooth is going to fade away! On the contrary, when someone retires, they are looking at reinventing their life to a new phase of doing all those things they want to do, not just what they ‘must’ do! Candy is a sweet reminder of one’s childhood, comfort food enjoyment, and celebration! At Candy Funhouse we have all the sweets and treats to make that retirement party even jollier than ever!

Have you hosted a retirement party before? What kind of candies would you like to see at your retirement party? Comment below, we’d love to know!


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