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Caramel Chocolate Bars

Curly Wurly is a brand of British chocolate bars currently manufactured by Cadbury UK. It has been formely known as Wig Wag and Marathon Bar. A delicious soft caramel centre wrapped in rich milk chocolate, Curly Wurly is a wonderful  chocolate and chewy caramel treat. One of England’s most popular candy bars, wheat-free and gluten-free. This caramel chocolate bar resembles two flattened, intertwined serpentine strings and carries a flavor you won't forget. Cadbury Curly Wurly is great either cold or at room temperature. A cold Curly Wurly Chocolate Bar, fresh from the fridge, can be easily broken into bite-size chunks and shared with friends. A Curly Wurly enjoyed at room temperature makes the chewy gooey caramel irresistible.

26 g Chocolate Bar

Curly Wurly Caramel Chocolate Bars are one of the Top 20 Retro Candies

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