Nerds Rope - Rainbow .92 oz.

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Taste the rainbow with Nerds Rope

These chewy gummy candy ropes covered in fruity Nerds Candy will knock your socks off. It's two sweet treats in one! Each gummy rope is covered with tiny, crunchy, Nerds Candy. This beautiful Nerds Rope is the perfect candy for those of us who like to play with our food and eat it too! 

Nerds Rainbow includes five flavours:

orange | lemon | grape | watermelon | strawberry

.92 oz.

Rope Length: 12 Inches

Customer Reviews

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The bonus treat was a nice little surprise.

Michele Campeau
Pretty darn good

I'm not a super fan of nerds and I had purchased for my daughter anyways but now I always order one or 2 more with my other orders cause my daughter is not too happy that I like them. I'm paying so.... hihihi

Katy J
Finally found them!

I have been looking for Nerds rope for so long I actually lost all hope. I figured they were discontinued because they were TOO good and people were losing too many teeth or something. But obviously Candy Funhouse came through as they always do and I ordered what would be too much for the average person to consume and ate them all within a few days because i have 0 self control. Nerds Rope is awesome because you can eat a whole bunch of nerds without the struggle and mess of dumping the entire box of nerds in your mouth.

Nicholas Thompson

This happens to be the only place that I can find these. As having worked in a "Candy Store" I have tried many different sorts but this one has a certain nostalgia for me from sharing some with friends or smuggling it into the movie theater. I highly recommend this if you enjoy nerds but want to skip on the hassle of getting them out of those darn small boxes.

Great Candy

Bought these as a gift and she loved them. Candy was as described and they sent an extra little treat. Excellent!