Butter Rum Lifesavers - 1.14oz

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 Butter Rum LifeSavers is a Hole Lot of Fun

Indulge in a "hole lot of fun" with the deliciousness of the Butter Rum LifeSavers.

This old-fashioned candy is more than legendary. Boasting that famous hole-in-the-middle deliciousness. This hard candy is made with indulgent and long-lasting satisfaction.
Butter Rum LifeSavers will entice you as you rip open the roll. The aroma alone will ignite your tastebuds as you happily experience the irresistible and warm flavours.
Each candy is filled with an incredibly creamy texture and a buttery and sweet taste with a hint of saltiness. Warm and smooth tasting and echoing a gentle note of rum, creating a decadent and distinctive flavour. Savour them slowly or hungrily crunch them up, Lifesavers have an addictively delicious quality to them.
Introduced to the sweet world of Candy in 1938, and made a very sweet impression on generations! Lifesaver Candy remains a favourite candy to this very day!
Sweetly indulge in a "hole" lot of flavour with the classic taste of Butter Rum LifeSavers!

 1.14 oz roll

Life Savers Candy is one of the Top 30 Candies of All Time!

Customer Reviews

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Susan Sabourin
Simply the best!

They taste exactly like a remember as a kid! Always were my favourite Life Saver!

Thomas Lloyd
A lost classic

So many things look the same but turn out to be different than they were in the past, or as you remember them. This NOT one of those . As soon as it began to dissolve in my mouth my brains pleasure center screamed YES . Now if only that could happen to the extinct Cadbury Rum and Butter chocolate bar

karen milks
butter rum so good

I lived close to the plant that made these and the smell made you want them and they were hard to get as stores would sell out fast so nice to have them again

Just like I remember

This was a favorite treat of mine growing up, especially at Christmas. We get our lifesaver storybook and I'd go around and trade with my siblings and cousins for their butter rum rolls until I'd have a full book. Loved the flavor then and still love it today. I wish my children & grandchildren could experience the lifesaver storybook. I'd still want all the butter rum ones.

Pamela Matthews
A Christmas Memory from my child hood.

The Butter Rum life savers - was a blast from my childhood. Every Christmas my brothers and I would get a book of life savers and Butter Rum was my favorite. However, now the only life saver in a book - is assorted fruit flavors. I still get the book of life savers - just the same, to keep the tradition going for my "young men" - I have two sons.