Candy is the Sweetest Chistmas Stocking Stuffer

Candy is the Sweetest Chistmas Stocking Stuffer

Add Sweetness to your Christmas Stockings

What's better then finding your stocking on Christmas morning brimming with candy?Opening it up, and carefully deciding what to indulge in first!

Sweetest Christmas Stocking Santa's Online Candy Store


Candy Funhouse wants to make sure your stockings are hung with care! We've got all the candies you'll need to pack a big, fully stuffed Christmas Stocking.
Traditionally a stocking was always stuffed with an orange or tangerines inside.This was meant to represent gold and hopes of wealth, and to wish you good fortune in the new year.

Oranges are great, but how about some candy to wish you some sweetness in the New Year! Here are some of our favorite Christmas Stocking Stuffers for all the Candy
Lovers that  patiently wait all year for Santa Claus to fill up their stockings!

Sour Candy Christmas Stocking's Online Candy Store

Sour Candy is a Sweet Christmas Stocking Stuffer

For those who are daring, we suggest sour! Yes, give them some Sour Candy! Always a hit with the kids, mind blowing, mouth puckering, and eye squinting, Sour Candy! Some of our favorite sour candies include  WarHeads, Toxic Waste, Cry Baby Extra Sour Gumballs and Fini Shock Tongues. These are just a few of our Sourest Candies there are many more to choose from but you can be sure they'll add a zing to any Christmas Stocking! Check out all our Sour Candy here.

Chocolate Christmas Stocking's Online Candy Store

Everyone Loves Chocolate in their Christmas Stocking

How about all those very sweet Chocolate lovers? Their stocking's would not be complete without loads of delicious chocolate! Choose from many of our Dairy Milk Bars. They are sure to please any and every chocolate lover! Or maybe your're feeling  patriotic. So fill those stockings with some Canadian Chocolate Bars.Some of our top
picks are Caramilk, Big Turk, Aero, Wunderbar and of course the perfect light snack, Coffee Crisp!

Bean Boozled Christmas Stocking Santa's Online Candy Store

Christmas morning may be nasty!

If you happen to have an adventurous, bold and daring person to fill a Christmas Stocking for we suggest Bean Boozled Jelly Beans by Jelly Belly. Bean Boozled are an assortment of naughty and nice flavours like lawn clippings, stinky socks, rotten egg, dog
food and many more disgusting flavours. This is a game of chance because you never know which one you'll choose until it's too late. Makes for some great candytainment!

Retro Candy Christmas Stocking Stuffers-CandyFunhouse,ca-Santa's Online Candy Store

A Sweet Blast from the Past

We can't forget all the Old Fashioned & Nostalgic candy lovers! For all those who
want to take a  stroll down memory lane, we've got just the candies to make them feel nostalgic! Some top picks for Retro Candy are Tootsie Roll, Popeye Candy Sticks, Cracker Jack, Curly Wurly, Fun Dip, Necco Wafers, Sugar Daddy, Pop Rocks and so many more! We carry a huge selection of Retro Candy so you can stir up all those
sweet memories!

Novelty Candy Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Christmas will be fun with Novelty Candy

How about a Christmas Stocking filled with some of our fun Novelty Candy! For those who like to play with their food, we've got you covered. Or you could add a fun treat for every Christmas Stocking! Some of our most well loved Novelty Candy includes Baby Bottle Pop, Flash Pop, Garbage Can-dy, Ring Pop, along with our huge collection of PEZ Candy Dispensers. These candies will bring out the kid in anyone!

Or to make things even easier, we have stockings that are already premade. We know how busy Santa is this time of the year!

Candy Funhouse has all your Christmas Stocking Stuffers so you can fill up those Christmas Stockings to suit everyone on your list-naughty or nice!

Merry Christmas Sweeties!

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