Big Turk - 60g

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Big Turk Chocolate Bar

BigTurk is a famous Canadian Candy!

Indulge in the classic Canadian taste of the Big Turk chocolate bar!
Love it or hate it this unique chocolate bar is filled with a magenta-coloured, rose water-infused Turkish Delight and is deliciously covered in a ripply, creamy rich tasting milk chocolate! Its texture is somewhat supple feeling but firm. With each bite being ultra chewy!
This Canadian candy first made its sweet debut in 1974! BigTurk is a polarizing candy bar but in our books a delicious candy bar!
Delight yourself with its one-of-a-kind flavour! Experience the Big Turk!

Big Turk is one of the Top 10 Canadian Candies

  • Made by Nestle Canada
  • 60% less fat than the average chocolate bar
  • Natural Flavours
  • No Artificial Colours

60 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Roberta Manklow
Turkish delight….

Excellent …bars…from growing up with them you can’t beat the taste..

June Lanovaz
Childhood days

These are a throwback from my childhood days. Also, I will be ordering the caramel large bars in a red and green tatarn color box??sp at the end of the month. Very happy with the orders!

Tammy Gollyhorn
Turkish Delight

Best candy bars growing up

Carolynne Pynn
Big Turk travels

We sent these Big Turk bars onward to South Korea. Our son pines for them, and his wife and kids are getting on the bandwagon. We will be ordering again...and again...

Marvin Shaffer
Fulfilling a long time dream to find Big Turk bars

Loved these bars since childhood got my children and grandchildren to love them. Happy we found you with your great service since we couldn't find any
around Montreal. I am now a hero with my family. Thanks for the excellent service