Caramilk - 50g

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These Canadian Chocolate Bars are classic!

Made by Cadbury Canada

We've been indulging in these delectable bars since 1968! The Caramilk Bar is decadently filled with golden, nectarous caramel that is encased in rich and smooth milk chocolate.

Caramilk does beg the famous question "just how do they get the caramel inside"? We find that one must be indulging in the  Caramilk bar to best ponder the Caramilk secret and it's always especially helpful when the caramel is deliciously dripping down from your lip.
This question still intrigues us hungry Canadians and has been asked for well over 40 years. The only thing we know is that these luscious-tasting Cadbury bars are made right here in Toronto at 277 Gladstone Ave.
Some things are better left a secret, We think Caramilk is better off being left as one of life's sweet mysteries, but in the meantime, we suggest indulging in the Caramilk Chocolate Bar while you sweetly ponder this enigma!

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Dave Hattey

Cadbury Caramilk Bar

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