Garbage Can-dy - 1pc

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Fun Retro Candy!

Garbage Candy by Topps

Garbage Can-dy is what made childhood trips to the local candy and convenience stores complete when we were kids!  It may be hard to find, but Canada's Online Candy Store has it! These plastic garbage cans in blue, green, purple and pink surprise you with tart pressed powder candies in fruity flavours presented in classic garbage items like cans, bottles and fish bones.  A fun tasty blast from the past!

*1 pc per order*
*colour randomly chosen*

Fresh Retro Candy Shipped to Canada & the USA!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

This was absolutely amazing. I thought i was 6 again holding my brothers hand going to the grocery store.
If you had this when you were young you'll absolutely go back.

Lynn Meades
Blast from the past

Great reminder of my childhood for me and all my trashy friends to enjoy. Great service and I would definitely purchase from y’all again.

Wendy Galvin
Blast from my past

There was a small store I used to go to with my mom to pick up pizza. I was about 6 or 7. Everytime I’d go I got to pick out “one” treat and I always picked out a different color garbage can which was full of candy. I always thought that was the best! Can’t believe I found this product! So happy to bring back such awesome memories!

Toni Walker

The candy arrived in good condition and my daughter enjoyed it. Good value for the money

Steve Peltier
i like it

Service was fast and the price is reasonable

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