Nerds Candy Grape & Strawberry - 1.65 oz.

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Sweeten The Day With Nerds Grape & Strawberry Candy!

Once upon a time, there lived an interesting fellow. He was whimsical and fascinating. He went by the name of Willy Wonka. He bestowed upon the world one of the most legendary candies to ever exist: Nerds Candy Grape & Strawberry!

These magical candies are one of the most popular retro candies to ever exist; they are loved and consumed at an alarming rate to this very day!

The legendary Nerds Candy are tiny and crunchy but just happen to pack immense flavour in each miniature-sized morsel.

These crunchy and tangy-tasting candies come in a two-chambered box. One side is filled with the luscious taste of grape and the other, a succulent and sweet strawberry. Enjoy one flavour at a time, or mix and match for a unique and fun taste!

The famous Nerds Candy was introduced in 1983, and has been devoured by the handfuls (and mouthfuls) by hungry, candy-loving generations ever since! 

The magic of this Wonka-esque candy lives on, in each and every crunchy taste!

Live happily ever after with the epic taste of Nerds Candy Grape & Strawberry!

47g (1.65oz)

Made in the USA