Baby Ruth - 1.9 oz.

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American Chocolate Bars

Old Fashioned Candy from the 1920s

A Baby Ruth Chocolate Bar is made with fresh peanuts, caramel and chocolate-flavoured nougat covered in a delicious milk chocolate

Baby Ruth are American Chocolate Bars thought to be named after the baseball pitcher Babe Ruth. In reality, The Baby Ruth candy bar is named after President Cleveland's daughter, Ruth.

1.9 oz.

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Earle L.
Great flavor

Lots of US branded treats are now imported.....JIF peanut butter, Lays potato chips, and many other things we Canucks had to drive south to get, before.....still waiting for the candy bars, but with this store to order from, you cannot lose. The TV show "Border Security" won't have me on their radar, as with Canadian dollars and free shipping, you can't go wrong with the Candy Funhouse.

donna o.

Baby Ruth bars are the best!!! I've been a fan since 1970. Since they are not available in Canada we used to drive to the US to buy them.i

Jose A.

Baby Ruth Bar-1.9 oz.

The World Needs More Baby Ruth

Easy to order and the candy bars arrived fresh and in good shape

Daniel S.
Incredible Candy and Service

Have never been let down by this company. Their quality and service is impeccable. Will come back in a heartbeat!