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Twix White
Mars Twix White - 1.62oz
Sale price$2.49
Cadbury Crunchie Bar Cadbury Crunchie Bar Front
Cadbury Mini Eggs 33gCadbury Mini Eggs 33g Front
Big Turk
Nestle Big Turk
Sale price$1.99
Coffee Crisp
Wunderbar Chocolate Bar Cadbury - 1970s Bar Canadian Caramel ChocolateWunderbar Chocolate Bar Cadbury 1.45kg - 1970s Bar Canadian Caramel Chocolate
Eat-More Candy Bar
Cadbury Caramilk Bar Cadbury 0.05kg - 1960s Bar cadbury Canadian Canadian Bar
After Eight Bar After Eight Bar Front
Nestle After Eight Bar - 40g
Sale price$2.00
Kit Kat
Maltesers Mars Inc. 40g - 1930s Canadian Chocolate Era_1930s Origin_Canadian
Mars Inc. Maltesers
Sale price$1.99
Cadbury Oreo Egg Cadbury 50g - 2000s cadbury Canadian Chocolate EasterCadbury Oreo Egg Cadbury - 2000s cadbury Canadian Chocolate Easter
Cadbury Mr. Big Bar
Cadbury Cadbury Mr. Big Bar
Sale price$1.99
Mars Bars
Mars Mars Bars-52 g
Sale price$1.99
Cadbury Crispy Crunch
Aero Bubbly White Canadian Chocolate Bar - 42g
Glosette Raisins 45gGlosette Raisins 45g Front
Kit Kat Green Tea
SKOR Milk Chocolate with Crisp Butter Toffee Candy Bar
Hershey's Skor
Sale price$1.99
Nestle Kit Kat Chunky Popcorn Wafer Bars - 48 g
Aero Peppermint Bubble Bar-Canadian Candy Bars
Bounty Bar
Mars Inc. Bounty Bar
Sale price$1.99
Aero Gold Chocolate Bar - 42 gaero bubbles gold
Glosette PeanutsGlosette Peanuts FRONT
Hershey's Glosette Peanuts
Sale price$1.99

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