Aero Bubbly White Chocolate Bar - 42g

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White Aero Chocolate

White Chocolate Centre with Milk Chocolate Shell

Delve into the blissfully, bubbly sensation of the Aero Bubbly White Chocolate Bar!
An exquisite taste of an airy, white chocolate bubble-filled middle, encased in a coating of rich and creamy milk chocolate. Double your chocolate pleasure with a taste of both white and milk chocolate!
Each bite is beyond delectable, it's sensationally smooth and immensely satisfying!
This Canadian Chocolate Bar is made with natural flavours and no artificial colours so you can experience an authentically delicious taste!
Make your moments indulgent with the remarkable taste of the Aero Bubbly White Chocolate Bar!

• Made in Canada
• ALL Natural Flavours
• Sustainably sourced cocoa from the NESTLÉ COCOA PLAN

42 g

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Billy boi

Taste great