Top 10 Candies of the Month - January

Top 10 Candies of the Month - January

These are the candies our Candyologists have crowned the most popular! 

Here's to our candy-loving community! We hope 2022 was a delicious year for you and that 2023 will be a thrilling year in the candy verse!

We sell all kinds of candy at Candy Funhouse. From sweet to sour candy, new candy and exotic snacks, I have worked with our team of Candyologists to crank out the top 10 products that we believe are,

a) life-changing 
b) delicious 
c) and loved by all candy connoisseurs 


#1. Chews Assorted Sour Bubblegum

This Canadian Candy is a blast from the past! It's flavourful, sour and tremendously chewy and has undoubtedly been discovered under many school and office desks!

The Chews Assorted Sour Bubblegum brings together the sweetness and sourness of classic Grape, Orange and Cherry flavours. It happily offers an irresistible, tangy taste and a burst of cringe-inducing sourness.

It comes in a decorative and colourful marble-like tablet shape with a hard candy shell and an excellent chewy middle. I remember seeing these in those candy machines that various stores had, and although they don't look appealing they always have been appetizing!

Chews Bubblegum is a right of passage for every bubble gum-loving Canadian kid, but who says you have to grow up?

Feed your inner child with the superb sourness of the Chews Assorted Sour Bubblegum!


Chews Assorted Sour Bubblegum


#2. Nerds Rope

It's never hard to get "roped" into eating this candy! This Wonka-esqe candy is a classic choice. It's abundantly delicious and filled with incredible flavour and texture.

The whacky Nerds Rope comes in at a staggering 12 inches long (the size of a ruler) and is a gummy candy rope that is yummily encrusted with the colourful crunch of Nerds Candy. These two elements come together beautifully, creating the famous Nerds Rope! Honestly, my mind is blown!!!!! As a Candyologist, I applaud Nerds for this marvellous creation.

It's stretchy and bendable; if you like to play with your candy, this one's for you! Eat it all at once, or eat the Nerds off first.

Filled with fantastic and fruity flavours, this Wonka Candy is a sweet sight to behold and equally delicious!

The most popular selling flavours are the Nerds Rope Tropical and the Nerds Rope Very Berry.


Nerds Rope


#3. Creme Savers 

No other candy compares to the luscious and iconic creamy taste of the Creme Savers Candy!

After a long hiatus, much to our delight, the Creme Savers Candy has come back into our candy repertoire! We say YAY!!! 

Your knees definitely crack by now if you remember how amazing this candy was and IS!

Creme Savers Hard Candy is famous for its unbelievable creamy texture. These hard candies feel like velvet in your mouth and are always a fast and easy cure for any sweet tooth.

Indulge yourself in the sensational tasting Creme Savers Strawberries & Creme or the tangy smoothness of the Creme Savers Orange & Creme.

Savour them slowly or eagerly crunch them. Either way, the Creme Savers Candy is more than delectable!


Creme Savers


#4. Fun Dip Sour

Satisfy your craving for sour candy with the scrumdiddlyumptious taste of the Fun Dip Sour!

The magic of Willy Wonka lives inside this retro candy. Containing flavourful powdered candy and that iconic candy stick. Just lick the stick and dip into the delicious sourness of Strawberry Smackeroo Dip, Watermelon Whammo Dip, and Tarrtastic Mystery Dip. Once known as Lik-M-Aid, this old-fashioned candy made its very yummy debut in 1952 and was renamed Fun Dip in 1973. Whatever you call it, this Wonak-ish Candy always hits the spot!

You might pucker and cringe as you indulge in such a sensational sour candy experience. You might even eat the dipping stick first and have to use your fingers to dip it into the candy. 

But one thing is for sure; the Fun Dip Sour truly captures the taste of the fun!


Fun Dip Sour


#5. Nerds Gummy Clusters

Taste the magnificent magic of Willy Wonka with the Nerds Gummy Clusters. This awesome Nerds Candy is doubly delicious. Starting with an exterior of colourful and crunchy Nerds filled in the middle with a chewy and luscious gummy candy center. Nerds Candy offers two treats all in one! Now, who could resist that?
Filled with unique-tasting fruity flavours and a playful fun look that only Wonka himself could dream of! With both a crunchy and chewy texture, this candy has proven to be simply irresistible! Nerds Gummy Clusters can not be missed in various fantastic flavours and sizes.

Indulge the kid in you with this dazzlingly delicious candy!


Nerds Gummy Clusters


#6. Love Hearts

Taste the sweet language of love without ever speaking a word with the legendary Love Hearts. This British candy is love at first bite!
Prepare to fall head over heels for this candy. Coming in a roll of pretty pastel colours, this pressed candy comes in a tablet-like form. It is filled with a fizzy and tangy fruitiness that only the Love Hearts candy contains! Inscribed with messages of love such as "True Love," "Be Mine," and "Kiss Me." You and your tastebuds will be swept off your feet! This old-fashioned candy has been serving us up some sweet romance since 1954, making it a perfect choice for any candy Casanova! Why not gift them to yourself? Or spread the love and use them to sweet talk your heartthrob.
They say the universal language is love. We say it's candy. Have it all with the iconic Love Hearts Candy!


Love Hearts


#7. Fritos Honey Twists

We all love candy, but sometimes you need to balance out your sweet tooth with savoury, and that's where the Frito's Honey Twists come in! You might begin to twist and shout with exhilaration at the sheer deliciousness of these Fritos!
Made in a twisted shape to ensure an even coat of that flavoursome seasoning. Every twist is filled with a bold and smokey honey BBQ flavour, and each bite is crunchy and holds incredible taste! The perfect American snack to enjoy any time of the day. A delicious companion on a long drive, or snuggle up and share some with your honey while you watch the latest and greatest blockbuster.
Tantalize your tastebuds with the tremendously terrific taste of the Frito's Honey Twists!


Fritos Honey Twists


#8. Curly Wurly

"One can simply not live without this decadence," as said by the former Queen of England herself!!!!!!

This superb-tasting British Chocolate will have your tastebuds drenched in deliciousness! The iconic Curly Wurly Chocolate Bar is a bar of epic happiness. Made in the delicate form of a braid complete with dainty strands of milk chocolate that are abundantly filled with an exquisite golden, awesomely chewy caramel.

Each bite is truly remarkable. The Cadbury milk chocolate and the caramel make for a perfect pair, and the texture is one of a kind incredible!

The now famous Curly Wurly bar was formerly known as the Wig Wag Bar and the Marathon Bar. First introduced in 1970, the Curly Wurly is still among the most popular chocolate bars today!

Satisfy your craving like never before with the outstanding and delectable experience of Cadbury Curly Wurly!


Curly Wurly


#9. Oreo Cakesters

The ultimate snack for any cookie monster! Imagine an Oreo cookie that you can deeply sink your teeth into. The Oreo Cakesters are the perfect example of what happens when cookie and cake collide!

 You'll happily taste two soft baked chocolate cakes that hold inside the famous Oreo cookie creme! You get that chocolatey goodness and the yummy vanilla filling. Could Oreo get any better?

This beloved childhood snack is still dunkable, so you will require a tall cold glass of milk. They also go beautifully with a hot cuppa joe or some tea. Either way, this American Snack is utterly delicious!

Taste your new favourite indulgence with the one and only Oreo Cakesters!


Oreo Cakesters


#10. Reese's Snack Cake

You won't leave a single crumb behind when you behold the deliciousness of Reese's Snack Cake! This tenderly baked chocolate cake is generously topped off with the famous Reese's Peanut Butter and completely covered in rich and luscious-tasting chocolate! Every bite is more than delectable, and the texture is moist and completely inviting.

The wonderous pairing of chocolate and peanut butter is one of the most iconic duo's that you could ever taste, and we must pay our due gratitude to Reese's!

Reese's brand has been enjoyed and loved since 1928. Known first for the unforgettable Reese's Peanut Butter Cups but now offer us endless splendour of sensational tasting creations!

Experience a true legend with the phenomenal Reese's Snack Cake!


Reese's Snack Cake


Which candies have you not tried? Perhaps it's time to jump on the candy bandwagon and taste what you've been missing.

We wish you a very happy and sweet 2023 and hope that all of your candy endeavours in 2023 are more than delicious!



Great blog!!! I love it. So well written. The candies sound so delicious!


YUM-YUM…want them all in my tum!!!

Roger White
Roger White

One day im going to try this amazing candy. The oreo cakes and The reese cakes are killing me man!!!

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