Love Hearts Candy Roll

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Swizzels Love Hearts Candy

Spread the sweet love, and be a cool, candy Cassanova
with the delicious taste of Love Hearts Candy!
This old-fashioned British candy stole our hearts in 1954,
and we've been falling for it ever since!
 This candy comes in a roll of pretty pastel shades in a tablet-like form.
Each piece is inscribed with a sweet message of love.
Like, "Kiss Me," "True Love," and the classic line, "Be Mine"!
Delicious fizzy, and fruity tasting,
Love Hearts Candy is filled with sweet romance!
Fall head over heels in love with the classic and
sweet taste of Love Hearts Candy!

Customer Reviews

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Beverley Hansen
Love Hearts

So glad to find this site. My husband quit smoking 3 years ago and I have to supply him with Love Hearts now! Great way to order in bulk!!!

Love Hearts

I was so happy to finally find the Love Hearts on line at The Candy Funhouse. I purchased them for Christmas and was happy to share my childhood memories of going to the candy store with my own kids.

Jen Bays

These love hearts are the exact same as they were 40 years ago. I LOVE them! They're hard to find so I'll be coming back for more. I'm thrilled.

Pam Robbins
Great memories!

These candies are exactly as I remembered them 55 years ago! Delivered intact, on time and beautifully packaged. They became impossible to find in the US and I thought they were not being made. I went to England to visit my husbands family and there they were! In a bowl at the airport check in desk as we were leaving for home! In the years that followed, British relatives would mail packets of Love Hearts to me in the US. After he died, my supply sadly dried up. So you can’t imagine how thrilled I am to find this site on line.

An old favourite

When I was a child my parents would always get these around Valentine’s Day and we absolutely loved them. They never seemed to stick around in the stores after it was over though but I’m very pleased that these are always in stock here!