So many Easter eggs, so little time!

So many Easter eggs, so little time!

Easter is zooming up and if you're looking for some treats, Candy Funhouse is your go-to for all kinds of delicious and specialty Easter eggs you won't find at your corner store! 

An egg is an ancient symbol of new life. Here in Canada, the egg symbolizes spring too! After what feels like ages being cooped up during cold winter months, warmer weather is finally arriving, the days are getting longer, and hey, that's reason enough to celebrate with some scrumptious chocolate Easter eggs!

So many chocolate eggs, can't get enough of them!

One of our fave's here at Candy Funhouse, the Kinder Surprise chocolate egg leads the way with some fun and exciting new toys inside this year! Straight from our friends at the UK, we have some Kinder Surprise Chocolate Egg Princess, there's also Marvel, and this awesome sweet lil' British Kinder Joy egg with a surprise inside! 

To Lindt or not to Lindt? Well YES, of course!

Lindt is a deliciously sweet, quality chocolate that screams full bodied flavour for Easter. It's not just any chocolate, it's the best kind as the flavour can stand on its own – plus it makes a great gift for someone this Easter! Choose from the classic Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Egg, the White Little Chick Egg, or if you're aiming for a gift pack, you can order online from Candy Funhouse the BEST Lindt Gold Bunny Chocolate Easter Egg pack, with both a bunny AND an sweet-a-licious quality chocolate egg!

Thorntons – Chocolate eggs to make 'em smile!

For something they won't be expecting, a special chocolate egg by Thorntons from the UK! They sure know how to make you feel eggstra special, just look at these Unicorn and Dinosaur chocolate eggs! Just beautiful for Easter gift giving!

At Candy Funhouse, we don't just have what you're expecting for Easter this year – we have so much more than you'd expect from an online candy store! We acquire the unexpected, extra goodness, chocolate eggs that you probably have never heard of!

Chocolate eggs with their favourite characters!

Candy Funhouse has all their favourite chocolate Easter eggs, including the well-beloved Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse Easter eggs, Paw Patrol Chocolate Easter eggs, Dreamworks Kung-Fu Panda Chocolate Surprise Easter eggs, Unicorn Chocolate Surprise Easter Eggs, Hot Wheels Chocolate Easter eggs, Masha and the Bear Chocolate Easter eggs, and even Regal Paw Patrol Plastic Egg – for those who aren't able to have chocolate but who really deserve a sweet candy treat this Easter!


Why not a little something different?

As we all know well from seeing the large selection of chocolates and candies at Candy Funhouse, chocolate is a very versatile ingredient (and sooo delicious too!) and it comes in many shapes, forms and sizes. If you're looking for something a little different this Easter, check these options out too, which are something a bit different to the eye and mouth, than you'd see at your local convenience store!

Check out all of Candy Funhouse's Easter Chocolate eggs by clicking on this link [HERE].


This has been a strange year and we think this Easter deserves to be celebrated with some chocolate novelties and special goodies that your loved ones will smile over. Let the chocolate egg shine this Easter and, go ahead, indulge because you and your loved ones deserve the BEST! And Candy Funhouse has it for you! Order all your favourites and new candies online today; we're here to make you smile!

Which chocolate Easter eggs would YOU be happy to receive this year? Share in the comments below!

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