Wabash Gourmet Kernel Collection Golden Harvest - 18oz

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Wabash Valley Farms Kernel Collection: Golden Harvest

Premium Gourmet Popcorn 

A classic, vintage approach to an age old snack - popcorn!

Wabash Valley Farms' Gourmet Popcorn Kernel Collection offers all natural popcorn kernels; grown with zero chemicals, and containing no preservatives. Be delighted by 18 ounces of farm fresh, non-GMO popcorn kernels! Each jar offers beautiful timeless labelling with a wooden tag, describing which collection the kernels belong to. 

Golden Harvest: Have it theatre style! Yellow kernels that turn into big, fluffy popcorn. These golden yellow kernels pop up tender, crunchy and delicious. When the kernels are popping, each one has a "butterfly" shape, and the "wings" are just perfect for catching toppings of all kinds!

Wabash Valley Farms produces their kernels in White County, one of the top popcorn-producing counties in Indiana. By keeping the tradition of kernel harvesting, their farm fresh kernels will have you hooked on premium quality popcorn. 

Available in 3 varieties: Golden Harvest, Simply White, and Valley Bloom Gourmet Kernels.

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18 oz bottle

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Louis Torti
pretty good....

Fluffy popcorn...thought the puffed corn would be a bit larger ,,,,but pretty good