Paw Patrol Giant Lollipop - 115 g

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Paw Patrol Giant Lollipop

Paw Patrol Giant Lollipop is a giant candy lollipop featuring the characters of Nickelodeon’s Paw Patrol. It’s full of juicy, fruity flavour and has brightly colourful swirls to please the eyes. 

The adorable Nickelodeon Paw Patrol characters are on the wrapper. Everyone enjoys something whimsical once in a while, so why not go ahead and give yourself a fun treat? The Paw Patrol Giant Lollipop is a delicious candy for everyone who’s proud to be a kid at heart. 

Revive the spirit of your childhood and go for a walk down memory lane. Remember how much you loved cartoon characters. And candy! Can’t forget the candy. Combine those two nostalgic loves with this giant lollipop.

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Alyson Dumont

Really satisfied whit the products thanks

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