Fry's Turkish Delight Cherry 3pck - 153g

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Fry Your Taste Buds With Fry's Turkish Delight Cherry

Treat yourself to the decadent taste of Fry's Turkish Delight Cherry!

This British chocolate is tender, chewy, and all-around irresistible!

As your lips happily prepare to indulge, the scent alone will take you over the edge.

The aromatic milk chocolate holds a robust and sweet scent, while the fragrant addition of rose water will have your taste buds reeling!

With every bite, you'll experience a world of flavour! The cherry Turkish Delight filling is soft and supple, held together with a shell of rich chocolate. With a hint of rose water, the cherry flavour comes alive! 

Made with impeccable flavours and textures, this bar is a taste of sweet sophistication!

Experience the delight of exotic charm with the Fry's Turkish Delight Cherry 3 Pack!

153g (5.4oz) 

Made in the UK

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Soft, not too chewy, melt in your mouth. Delish.