Fanta Grape - 355mL

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Embrace the Grape Flavour of Fanta Grape

You'll experience a "bunch" of deliciousness with the amazing taste of the Fanta Grape!

This Fanta pop is fantastically fizzy and offers a true-to-life taste of the ripest bunch of grapes you've ever tasted!

Fanta always delivers when it comes to creating innovative and fresh fruit-filled goodness that is second to none!

Nothing compares to the rejuvenation of this Fanta drink, not even real grapes! And the best part is, you won't have to deal with those pesky little seeds!

Taste the flavourful freshness with the Fanta Grape!

355mL (12Floz)

Made in the USA

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Cathy Corradetti
Great pop

It was absolutely it refreshing great drink I would buy it again