Cotton Candy - Cotton Tail - 1.75oz

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Fluffy Easter Treat for Everyone to Enjoy

    Cotton candy is a wonderful delicacy that has been enjoyed by many at various events and fairs since the beginning of the 1900s. Even so, you've never had cotton candy quite like this! The kind creators at Chocolate Storybook make many flavours of the soft sweet that melts on your tastebuds like no one else!  

     This Easter-themed tub contains pink vanilla and blue raspberry flavoured cotton candy. Each handcrafted tub is spun with care, delivering a unique and fresh taste that has yet to be experienced anywhere else!



(1 tub) 1.75oz

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Cloud 9
Puff Goes the Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy that comes in a plastic container is just as good as the ones you get at a fair if you ask me. Sometimes when you feel like having some cotton candy you just gotta have some no matter what type of packaging it comes in. This one met my expectations and the serving is just the right proportion. Gotta buy me some more and save it for a rainy day if you know what I mean.

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