Amish Country Microwave Popcorn Hot & Spicy - 99g

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Amish Country Non-GMO Popcorn 

Microwave Popcorn: Hot n Spicy Flavour

Microwaveable buttered popcorn with a twist of heat and spice to warm you through this cold weather.

Grown in Indiana, the tradition of producing kernels with 0 chemicals and preservatives continues to this day. Amish Country's farm fresh kernels will have you hooked on premium quality popcorn. Amish Country offers all natural popcorn kernels and corn cobs; grown with zero chemicals, and containing no preservatives. Be delighted by farm fresh, non-GMO corn kernels, that turns into fresh popcorn in 1-2 minutes!

Conveniently packaged in a microwave popcorn bag for a no-fuss and no-mess popcorn experience!

Savoury and sweet flavours for all tastebuds! Also available: Butter, Cheddar Cheese, Sweet Kettle Corn, and Lite Natural

Complete your popcorn kit and pair your kernels with unique flavours of popcorn seasonings! Find it all here at Candyfunhouse!


Non-GMO corn.

1 bag - 99g

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Customer Reviews

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Dionne T
Just enough spiciness!

When I pulled this out of it's plastic wrapper, right away I could smell that jalapeño spicy smell. As it was popping in the microwave, my home started to smell super spicy and I was almost scared to eat it when it was done popping.

My eyes almost watered when the steam of the freshly popped bag wafted across my face.

I took a handful (because you should never just try 1 piece of popcorn) and shoved it in mouth. It was actually as hot as I thought it was going to be. I added Doritos to it and it was the perfect mix of spice and salt.

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