Wedding Buffets.... The first steps.

Two of the sweetest things on earth, love and candy! They go together so naturally, beautifully!
If you've decided on a candy buffet for your wedding, congratulations! You will dazzle and delight your guests. A candy buffet is a generous and sweet gesture
that will be remembered fondly.
One of the first steps is to decide on what kinds of candies you would like to have.These candies can be based on your favorites or even the colour scheme and the theme of the event. A candy buffet can also compliment a dessert table or a wedding cake.
Be sure to order enough candy so the buffet looks full, seven to ten different types of candy offers your guests a great variety.A general rule of the amount is twenty to twenty five pounds for one hundred guests, however opting for a little extra is always better then not having enough.
Once you've chosen your candy and the amounts of each, the next step would be to choose your glassware or other suitable containers. Keep in mind the theme and expand on that idea. Having varied heights of the containers always adds more interest to the table, also you will need some scoops and tongs, be sure they can fit into the mouths of the containers.Also consider having a take away bag or box so your guests can opt to take some of the candy home. This is a kind show of your gratitude and thanks.
When decorating the candy buffet table the possibilities are endless, from ribbon to tags, tablecloths,frames, balloons, flowers... remember there is no such thing
as being too sweet, so go ahead and make a fabulous, memorable candy buffet!
-Candy Queen

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