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Top 5 Booths at Sweets & Snacks!

Best Booths at Sweets & Snacks

Sweets & Snacks is always a sight to be seen with its extraordinary brands, snacks, and awe-inspiring booths! 

We had the pleasure of walking around and ranking the coolest booths at this year's expo! There were countless carefully considered booths, so it was a pretty difficult decision to narrow it down to only 5—which is why we included some honourable mentions! 

Here are the top 5 booths at the 2024 Sweets & Snacks expo!

1. Tony’s Chocolonely

Tony's Chocolonely - Tony's Chocolate - Tonys Chocolate - Tonys Chocolonely - Tony's Chocolonely Canada

Tony’s Chocolonely created a pretty big buzz around the expo when they announced they would give away full-sized chocolate bars from their booth. As part of their booth display, they used huge Tony’s chocolate bars to decorate their walls. Then, on the second day, they went Oprah on us and gave away countless milk chocolate bars!!

As the chocolates started to disappear, a message started to appear on the wall behind them. We put this on the top of our list because it was something we’d never experienced before. It was interactive and made the booth super memorable. Tony’s chocolate proved that you don’t need all the bells and whistles of a show-stopping booth to claim a top spot!

2. Pepero 

Pepero - Pepero Chocolate - Korean Candy - Korean Chocolate - Pepero SticksPepero - Pepero Chocolate - Korean Candy - Korean Chocolate - Pepero Sticks

For those unfamiliar with Pepero chocolate, these chocolate sticks are a popular Korean candy. The Pepero booth made our list because of its visibly pleasing layout and engaging game! 

The booth had a fun memory game where each player was asked to memorize different coloured Pepero boxes and recall which box was where. Anyone who had the chance to play the game enjoyed it, and if you won the challenge, you’d score free socks and a bag from Pepero! Who doesn’t love free merch?!

3. Toxic Waste

Toxic Waste - Toxic Waste Candy - Sour Candy - Toxic Waste Sour Candy - Toxic Waste Candy DrinkToxic Waste - Toxic Waste Candy - Sour Candy - Toxic Waste Sour Candy - Toxic Waste Candy Drink

In out third spot, we have Toxic Waste! Toxic Waste made our top 5 list last year as well. However, this year, they went with an F1 theme, which is very fitting with the Indy 500 only being a week away. With a custom racer jumpsuit and matching helmet, the whole booth was decked out in a NASCAR theme. 

Toxic Waste took it a step further and even had Brennan Poole, the NASCAR driver, stop by their booth in a Toxic Waste race suit! Our Candyologists got a chance to interview him (keep an eye out for that!) The commitment to the theme was not only on point but gave show-goers something to get excited about! 

4. Nerdy Nuts

Nerdy Nuts - Nerdy Nuts Canada - Where to buy nerdy nuts in Canada - Nerdy Nuts Peanut Butter

The Nerdy Nuts booth was arguably the most aesthetically pleasing! Its cute 50s retro diner vibe made it especially attractive. This booth was a great place to take pictures, with its vibrant colours, cool jukebox, and even a spin wheel to collect fun prizes! It was the best of both worlds, from its aesthetics to its interactive element, keeping us entertained.

5. Katjes

Katjes - Katjes Candy - Vegan Candy - Plant Based Candy - Healthy Candy - Healthy SnacksKatjes - Katjes Candy - Vegan Candy - Plant Based Candy - Healthy Candy - Healthy Snacks

Katjes really leaned into their plant-based candy motif with their booth. This booth was decorated with plants and greenery resembling a colourful jungle, bringing the vegan gummies to life! We love the feeling we got being at this booth. It was very refreshing seeing all the plants alongside the sweet treats. 

Finding delicious, healthy candy can be difficult, but the Katjes gummies are the top contenders in this category, which is why we have this plant-based candy in the final spot.

Honourable Mentions 

1. Trolli 

Trolli - Trolli Candy - Trolli Gummies - Trolli Gummy - Sweets and Snacks

This year was the year of special guests. Similar to the Toxic Waste booth, Trolli had a gaming influencer stop by to play their Trolli video game. This booth resembled a gaming lounge, with its giant monitors and customized gaming console—it was a super cool experience! They also had a raffle where you could win a customized Xbox controller! 

2. Zweetz

Zweetz - Zweetz Candy - Sweets and Snacks - 2024 Sweets and SnacksZweetz - Zweetz Candy - Sweets and Snacks - 2024 Sweets and Snacks

Zweetz made it to our honourable mentions list. Along with their tasty candy collection, they had a cocktail bar where they would make us non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks! They also had a basketball net where you could practice your free throws. As you can see, I’m getting pretty into it by throwing the ball behind my back—it might not have gone in, but the form looks pretty solid if you ask me!

3. Hi Chew

Hi Chew - Hi Chew Candy - Chewy Candy - Hi-Chew - Hi-Chew Candy - Fruity CandyHi Chew - Hi Chew Candy - Chewy Candy - Hi-Chew - Hi-Chew Candy - Fruity Candy

Finally, we have Hi-Chew in our honourable mentions list. These delicious chewy candies are a fan favourite among candy lovers, so they had a whole buffet setup where you could pick and choose your favourite flavours in a custom bag! It's safe to say my bag was STUFFED! 

Would you visit any of these booths? If so, which one would be your first stop?

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