Gobstopper - 1.77oz | Jawbreaker Candy

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Jawbreakers that change colours and flavours.

Gobstopper are "For children with very little pocket money."

You'll fall head over heels for the magical taste of the Gobstopper Jawbreaker Candy.
They say nothing lasts forever, but obviously, they have never had one of Wonka's legendary Jawbreakers!
Gobstopper are marvellous-tasting marble-sized jawbreaker candy made with layer upon layer of vivid colour and intense flavours. Each layer reveals another colour and taste. Filled with Wonka magic and pure deliciousness. You'll taste the spectacular flavours of Watermelon, Cherry, Orange, Lemon and Grape.
Some things really are everlasting, like our love for candy and this jawbreaker! Taste the magnificent magic with the Everlasting Gobstopper Jawbreaker Candy!

50.1 g


Customer Reviews

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Exactly how the kid in me remembers

Exactly what I wanted and fast delivery! Love em!

Neil P.
Pure Sugary Delight!!!

This surprise box of 37 gobstopper boxes made a friend of mine giggle-snort to the loudness level of a bull in a china shop. Well worth it!