Top 10 Candies of The Month - June

Top 10 Candies of The Month - June

The Summer is upon us, and that only means one thing for Candyologists! More Candy! 

Besides all the barbeques, picnics and parties, bike rides and swimming, we've worked up quite an appetite. We've been busy happily tasting some new and exciting candy and also some of our favourite old-fashioned candies. Satisfy your sweetest cravings and let loose this June as you indulge yourself in our top ten favourite picks for June.

Our Top Ten Candies Of The Month...

#10.Salt Water Taffy Pickle

Who could resist a fresh and flavourful bite of saltwater taffy? Certainly not us especially when it comes in Pickle flavour!

We couldn't wait to taste this old-fashioned candy!

We tore into our bulk candy-size bag and begin to sink our teeth into its incredibly fresh and soft texture.

This little green candy is absolutely delicious. The tangy taste along with a sweet flavour makes for a very flavourful pickle taste. It sort of tastes like those sweet-tasting mini gherkins. 

You might be skeptical at first, it's not your usual fruity flavour. But this candy from Taffy Town is an absolute must-try candy, especially if you're a fan of pickles.

Salt Water Taffy has long been a fan favourite. It's the ideal summer candy and Taffy Town makes the very best taffy you could ever taste. If the pickle flavour seems too daring, the choices of flavours are endless!

It's good to get yourself in a "pickle", especially with this delicious Salt Water Taffy!

#9. Bonomo Turkish Taffy Chocolate

This Taffy Candy is an absolute must-try! The Bonomo Turkish Taffy Chocolate has been enjoyed since 1912. Its an oldie but a goodie!

This old-fashioned candy is a bar of taffy. These come in Chocolate, strawberry and Vanilla.

We've chosen to try the chocolate taffy today in lieu of a chocolate bar. This is perfect for hotter days, it won't melt in the warmer months.

We happily unwrap the bar; this slab of taffy looks flawless. The fragrant scent of chocolate fills our tastebuds and our mouths hungrily water in anticipation!

The first bite is abundantly flavourful. Strong and chocolatey tasting with that classic taffy stretch.

It's fun to pull and savour little bits at a time. It's beautifully chewy and made with a remarkably rich chocolate flavour. We can see why it's a favourite old-fashioned candy!

Some say the best way to enjoy this Turkish Taffy is to place it in the freezer and then crack it into bite-size pieces. We'll try that next time; we all seem to be enjoying that chewy and luscious texture along with the enticing taffy pull!

#8. Boston Baked Beans

This old-fashioned candy packs a delicious crunch! The Boston Baked Beans are a candy-coated peanut. 

Made with layer upon layer of a red candy coating and filled in the middle with a whole peanut.

These candies have been a fan favourite for generations and believe it or not some of us have just never tried them until now!

We rattle the box and then eagerly rip it open. Wow! cool beans, like literally! The red candy coating is vibrantly coloured and glossy looking. We pour a few into our hands and start to indulge!

Let the crunching begin! These Boston Baked beans are made with an ultra-crunchy texture and taste like butter toffee peanuts.

The sweet taste of the coating is perfect with the wholesome taste of the peanuts. These are absolutely delicious!

These make an excellent choice of candy for the warmer months. They won't melt in the sun. Every morsel is utterly delicious, and that crunch is absolutely phenomenal!

These Boston Baked beans have been around since the 1930s, and with one bite, it's easy to understand why.

Experience that sweet and crunchy satisfaction like never before with the classic taste of Boston Baked Beans!

#7. Raindrops Mini Gummy Candy Pizza

One of our favourite foods is pizza with the works! When we spotted the Raindrops Mini Gummy Candy Pizza, we just knew we had to try it.

This gummy candy comes in a cute-sized pizza box. This pizza is like no other you've ever tasted.

It's deluxe! Featuring gummy candy veggies, a long and luscious-tasting licorice rope and a gummy candy egg on the top.

Eat these gummies one at a time, or bite through the entire pizza. It's not only filled with fun, it's truly a delicious gummy candy creation.

Made with sweet and fruity flavours, this pizza would entertain the littles for a while!

Great for pizza night as a little dessert. Bring it along on long car rides for a peaceful and quiet ride. 

#6. Starburst Duos Singles-To-Go

Thirst just hits differently in the dog days of summer; that's when these Starburst Duos Singles -To-Go come into play!

Made to resemble those vibrant and life-like fruit-filled flavours of the original Starburst Candy. This powdered drink mix will quench your thirst in a heartbeat.

Just empty the packet into your water bottle, shake what your mama gave you, then drink up!

We tried the Starburst Duos Singles-To-Go in the Blue Rasberry Lemon flavour. It was tangy, deliciously on point, and highly refreshing!

These are a convenient way to stay hydrated and add something a little extra to your water. Made with zero sugar, but you would never know it.

It's an essential taste of Summer! When you pack up your beach bag, throw a box in!

#5. Haribo Super Mario

Spending hours gaming? Win big with the Haribo Super Mario Gummies! These Haribo Gummies are a shout-out to our pal, Super Mario.

We tried the Haribo Super Mario Gummies and found some Mario-approved shapes like stars, mushrooms and flowers.

This gummy candy is full of fruity flavour and bursts with the fresh tastes of Strawberry, Apple, Raspberry, Cherry and Lemon.

A vegetarian version is also available, featuring the same delicious flavours as the original.

If you're more into the sour side, a sour version is available! Haribo Super Mario Sour will make all your sour candy desires come true!

#4. Kit Kat Cinnabon

Prepare to be blown away with this exciting Kit Kat flavour! Even if your June consists of a few lawn chairs and your backyard, travel to Dubai with this Kit Kat bar!

Imported from Dubai, this Kit Kat Cinnabon will deliciously erupt those exquisite flavours of the famous Cinnabon through this kit kat delivery system!

Your lips will taste milk chocolate, crispy wafers, and a creamy Cinnabon filling. This Kit Kat Candy bar is nothing short of delectable!

Comes in the Chunky Kit Kat form, which offers an extra thick bite and more crunch in every taste.

The Kit Kat Cinnabon is simply miraculous and a must-try for every Cinnabon lover around!

#3. Fruity's Ju-C Jelly Bites

Flavourful and intensely fruity! The Fruity's Ju-C Jelly Bites are a refreshing experience!

Embrace your fruity side! With this viral sensation. These juicy candies went viral on Tik Tok and for good reason.

These jelly candies are shaped like the flavours they contain. Bite into grape, strawberry, lemon, pineapple and apple. One bite and these burst open with an intense and fruit-filled sensation! 

These are made with true-to-life fruit flavours, and every jelly bite is truly enticing!

We tried these frozen, and they were even tastier. These are perfect as a summertime treat especially when frozen or chilled. Perfect to enjoy beachside under the warm sun.

Fruity's Ju-C Jelly Bites will take your tastebuds on an exciting journey of extreme fruity goodness. These are fun, flavourful and one of our favourite candies ever.

#2. Fanta WTF

(Spoiler Alert! Do not read if you want to taste that element of surprise!)

Shrouded in mystery, the Fanta WTF has uncovered its refreshing and flavourful taste!

Imported from the UK, this purple-toned Fanta is filled with intrigue and extreme deliciousness, perfect for those long, hot days of June.

The purple shade makes this Fanta even more enticing. As you open it up, the scent of fruity sweetness is very apparent and will lure you in!

Our first sip uncovers a fresh taste of strawberry. We begin to taste a hint of lemon and maybe some cherry. This Fanta is delicious, for sure, but it's making us think a little too hard.

The more we drink, we uncover the flavour of strawberry cheesecake!

We can now understand why they've very cleverly used the WTF in this drink!

It's overflowing with the notes of strawberry and a little zing of lemon at the end of every taste. It's refreshing and revitalizing, and it really is quenching. making it an excellent choice for Summer!

Indulge in the mystery that is the Fanta WTF!

#1. Rap Snacks Nicki Minaj Sour Cream And Ranch Truffle Chips

Bring out your inner baddie with these flavourful chips! 

The Rap Snacks Nicki Minaj Sour Cream And Ranch Truffle Chips are on the menu today, and let's just say they did not disappoint!

Do you want to be a "Super Freaky Girl" like Nicki? These are the chips you require!

We rip open the bag, which features our girl Nicki on the front being her bad self. These Rap Snacks just look excellent but let's see if the taste is what they claim.

The scent is already delicious! We start to crunch on these chips. We are amazed at the plethora of flavours.

Every chip is fresh, flavourful, and made with a crisp and crunchy texture. The sour cream and ranch are the most apparent flavours that you taste first, while the truffle flavour kind of hangs in the background offering a warm and earthy flavour.

Well, the bag did not last long! These Rap Snacks are a winning chip! Sure to satisfy those savoury cravings with gusto!

These Rap Snacks come in a wide variety of flavours; the Nicki Minaj brand of Rap Snacks also includes the flavours of BBQ Honey Truffle and Salt And Vinegar Truffle.

It's Rap Snacks for the win! These would be ideal for bringing along to your next BBQ or picnic; they make a flavourful snack that is deliciously satisfying!

Snack like the cool dawg you are with Rap Snacks!


Savour the Summer just a little bit longer with our top picks for June!

Satisfy your wanderlust through candy! Discover some never before tried flavours and some classics.

It's only just begun, but already it's looking like it's going to be a delicious Summer.

Let us know which candy you're compelled to try next!

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