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About Us

CandyFunhouse.ca Online Candy Store

This is where creative minds collaborate in the sweet name of candy!

These days a candy store is more of a novelty luxury than a necessity in most people`s lives – especially when you can get it almost anywhere. So to figure out what separates us from any other candy store, we embarked on a process of the discovery of core truths we deem valuable to us and gradually evolved the nature of how we do business for the better.

This ongoing journey has refined our vision, and now we focus on bringing happiness, or add a “touch of sweetness”, to our customers' lives as a core principal. Not only do we want to bring our customers a vast spread of quality candy, but we want to be of service by ensuring Candy Funhouse’s atmosphere, content and customer service is always positive and uplifting, set up in such a way that sweet times can happen easily.

Operating from the Inside Out

Our party room (a.k.a. The Dreamatorium) is one of the main components of our operation. Being the perfect size to hold intimate concerts, parties and events, the Funhouse has been a host to many a fun time and has quickly gained popularity. One of our main goals for the near future is to build a momentum of quality, diverse, live entertainment on a weekly basis and eventually build a community of different artists and art lovers.

Being that we’re all about fun times, we like to capture the moments that make them special and share them through our social media outlets with our fans and followers. Our strong online presence sets us apart from any other candy store and many businesses, as we are the only ones with such a unique combination of content between our events and candy culture. We aim to be more than just a candy store; we want to be a Multi-Media Company that provides high-quality entertainment. Our team of Fun-gineers and Candy Connoisseurs are always keeping up to date with the latest trends in confectionery delights and happenings. Apart from the candy store we also have an online store where we also sell wholesale candy, so we are constantly learning and keeping up with developments in e-commerce and social media, making sure we’re relevant and leading edge.

The Candy Funhouse in itself is a Big Purple Building that stands out from the surrounding buildings as a statement of thinking outside the box, not conforming to the norm, standing tall as a symbol of originality and novelty. One thing is for sure, if we could sum up Candy Funhouse in 5 words -- Not your average candy store.


There once was a boy
with a curious mind,
filled with colour and fun
and candy divine.

They thought him funny,
strange, a bit weird
but he knew he'd find a place
that he would not be feared.

He wandered one day
with his mother in hand
across this spectacular
colourful land -
Candy Funhouse.

Oh, the look on his face
as he begged to go in
he was filled with such eagerness
he wore such a grin.

He pulled his mother's hand and
was filled with delight,
he exclaimed to his mother
this boy with such joy,
"This is my place, my magical space."

Candy colours sang,
they sprung from the floor
he beamed with excitement
he had to see more.

He gazed at the wall
and he found him a tree
he was in awe
on bended knee.

"A lollipop tree is here just for me"
taffy on the walls
dripping on the ground
he knew this was heaven,
this place he had found.

His eyes shone so brightly,
his little soul was a gleam,
the Candy Funhouse
was surely a dream.


CandyFunhouse.ca Online Candy Store!