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Candy is our name, sweets of all kinds are our game!

Our goal is to add a touch of sweetness to our customers’ lives. We bring you a huge variety of quality candy as well as the best service you’ve ever seen in a candy experience. Our team of friendly customer service staff are always positive and uplifting, showcasing that sweet times are what Candy Funhouse is all about.

Sweet times live here!

We aren’t your ordinary, average candy store and we aren’t just bulk candy distributors either. We’re creative minds who collaborate in the sweet name of candy! We’re the candy experts (no, really—we are), sweet treat fanatics, skilled fun-gineers, and candy connoisseurs. Our goal is to make everyone’s life a little bit sweeter. We seek out and select the very best, most fresh candy variety you can imagine.

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One thing is for sure, if we could sum up Candy Funhouse in 5 words -- Not your average candy store.

We’re are always keeping up to date with the latest trends in confectionery delights and happenings. We’re constantly learning and keeping up with developments in the latest candy crazes to make sure that we’re offering our customer their all-time favourite sweets, from the newest candies to hit the market to the nostalgic candies they remember from their childhoods.

If you’re looking for the best candy store in Canada, or the best online source to order candy internationally, Candy Funhouse is the perfect online destination for all your candy needs. We’ve decided the world needs more fresh, delicious candy. We’re here to bring you all of the best candy in one place. We hope you enjoy your Candy Funhouse experience and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


There once was a boy
with a curious mind,
filled with colour and fun
and candy divine.


They thought him funny,
strange, a bit weird
but he knew he'd find a place
that he would not be feared.


He wandered one day
with his mother in hand
across this spectacular
colourful land -
Candy Funhouse.


Oh, the look on his face
as he begged to go in
he was filled with such eagerness
he wore such a grin.


He pulled his mother's hand and
was filled with delight,
he exclaimed to his mother
this boy with such joy,
"This is my place, my magical space."


Candy colours sang,
they sprung from the floor
he beamed with excitement
he had to see more.


He gazed at the wall
and he found him a tree
he was in awe
on bended knee.


"A lollipop tree is here just for me"
taffy on the walls
dripping on the ground
he knew this was heaven,
this place he had found.


His eyes shone so brightly,
his little soul was a gleam,
the Candy Funhouse
was surely a dream.