Kit Kat Cinnabon (Dubai) - 42g

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Kit Kat + Cinnabon

Freshly imported all the way from Dubai try the new Kit Kat Chunky Cinnabon!
Immerse yourself in a unique experience when opening the wrapper, the sweet familiar smells of Cinnabon will feel (and smell!) as if you had a fresh Cinnabon right in front of you! This is definitely a can't miss flavour combination! 
Let us know if you think KitKat hit the spot with this one!


Customer Reviews

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Joe B.
Very worth it

This was an amazing product! was as close to a real cinnamon roll that I've tried! If you love cinnabon you have to try it!

Leanne P.
Almost there.

I love Cinnabon, so I was really looking forward to this. While you can definitely taste that Cinnabon flavor, it never can compare to the real thing. I like it much better than the Lotus cookie, but I still find it to be average.