Taste Testing Tuesday Round Six: Haribo Gummies!

There's nothing more important at a retro candy store than some good quality delicious gummies!  That's just what we're featuring today for Taste Testing Tuesday at Candy Funhouse - Haribo Gummies!  We specifically featured the Peaches, Fizzy Cola,  Gold-BearsRattle-SnakesFruity-Frutti, and  Fruit Salad varieties of these classic candies.  



There are seriously never enough of these!  The unique shapes, colours, and different fruit flavours are incredible.

    Peaches are similar to Maynard's Fuzzy Peach with a little less bite.  Fizzy Cola has the perfect cola taste that isn't too overpowering and the right amount of sour for the best fizzy-ness.  Gold-Bears are the original gummy bears with the best fruit flavours and just chewy enough gummy texture.  Rattle-Snakes are a more fun alternative to classic gummy worms since they are longer and fatter for a more juicy gummy.  Fruity-Frutti combine a sweet gummy with a fluffy, creamy bottom and a delectable liquid surprise inside!  Fruit Salad has a mixture of more exotic fruit tastes like Lime, Grapefruit, Peach, Orange, Cherry and Passion Fruit in sanded gummy form.


Haribo is a confectioner company dating all the way back to 1920, in Germany!  In 1922, Haribo is credited for concocting the first ever gummy candy when Johannes "Hans" Riegel Sr., the company's founder, birthed the gummy bear!  Later, Hans would die in WWII, and his son, Hans Riegel Jr., would take over the company, expanding it to reach local confectioneries and to other countries manufacturers.  At this time, Haribo maintains five factories in Germany, and 13 more throughout the rest of Europe, participating in the booming candy industry as one of today's largest manufacturers or gummies and other sweets, such as their famous Pontefract Cakes, made in the city of Pontefract in England!  

Haribo is particularly popular in its home country of Germany, but also in France, with the product "TAGADA", originally a puffy strawberry flavoured sweet, now available in different colours and flavours.  The company showed its presence in North America when in the 1980s, Haribo of America was incorporated, and their products have been popular ever since.  The German factories couldn't keep Gold-Bears on the American shelves!

They also market sugar-free gummies, made with a sugar substitute by the name of Lycasin.  Let's just say there was a mixed reaction to these products... the flavour was still tasty for a sugar-free item, however, there are side effects.  There are some comical reviews on Amazon.com that have gone viral!  They really are quite funny!

So whether you come down for Taste Testing Tuesday to sample some of these products for free, or buy an array of these sweet gummies online, you'll be pleased!

Candy Funhouse - Haribo Gummies

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