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Our Favourite Back to School Candy

Stacks of lined paper, and bright yellow pencils, brand new shoes and back packs.Back to desks and dusty chalkboards's and more then likely, some whining kids that are not that eager for school to begin!
Help to ease those end of summer time blues, send them back to school smiling!  We've got some great candy for those little sweeties that just might give them the extra encouragement they need for the back to school season. Bribe them with some candy!
Here are some of our favorite back to school must have candies!

Smarties Candy Make Back To School Sweet Blog

1. Smarties Candy

Did you know that Smarties originally came with letters on them in order to help kids learn the alphabet? Smarties are always a hit! Young and old alike, perfect for sharing with classmates or becoming the Teachers pet! A Retro Candy that you probably ate as a kid. These brightly coloured chocolate candies have been around since the 1970's.
Whether you "suck them very slowly or crunch them very fast ", Smarties are a back to school staple!

Skool Bus Make Back To School Sweet Blog

2.Kidsmania Skool Bus filled with Candy

School trips will never be the same, send them off with this cute yellow "skool" bus that's jam packed with delicious brightly coloured candy! Not only is this candy fun to eat, the yellow school bus doubles as a toy! Makes the perfect lunch bag treat and a quiet bus

Nerds Candy Make Back to School Sweet Blog


3.Nerds Candy

We know it's cool to be a nerd,so why not eat them? Tiny, crunchy tangy bits of sugary fruity goodness. Nerds Candy may be small but pack big flavor! Nerds are a Retro Candy that we've been crunching since 1983. Nerds come in a wide variety of flavors, each pack contains a separate flavor compartment so you don't have all the pressure of
picking a favorite. After all-being a Nerd is hard enough!

Razzles First it's Candy then it's Gum Make Back to School Sweet Blog



" First it's a candy, then it's a gum" Razzles are truly transformational! Starting off as a delicious candy and then turning into an even tastier gum, Razzles are two treats in one package! Razzles  have been around since the 1960's. That's what we like to call an"Old School Candy"!


Airheads Taffy Candy


5.Airheads Taffy Candy

A tangy, chewy tasty taffy that's filled with the most intense fruity flavours. Airheads also come in a mystery flavour so you can always keep them guessing!. Airheads are always a hit with the kids and the perfect size for a little back to school recess treat. We've been
sinking our teeth into this taffy since the early 1980's! Airheads Taffy Candy are a
classic Retro Candy that we still love to eat. We don't want you to be an "Air Head", just eat them!

Ring Pop Make Back to School Sweet Blog

6. Ring Pop

Ring Pop are the sweetest bling around! A sweet gem shaped like a wearable ring makes it fashionable to eat this candy! Easy to take a little taste while your sitting at your desk or a perfect homework snack that won't get in the way of reading! Ring Pop are a cool Retro Candy that have graced our fingers since 1977!

Bean Boozled Jelly Beans Make Back to School Sweet Blog

7.Bean Boozled Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans that double as a game! These aren't your Grandma's jelly beans! Beanboozled jelly beans are a mix of some good and also some crazy and gross flavors! Ever tasted rotten egg, mouldy cheese, canned dog food and even pencil shavings flavor? They come in a box with a spinner that helps you decide which ones you'll eat. The Beanboozled Challenge is a fun and daring game if you can stomach it, but of course the gross factor seems to pull the kids in. Get your camera ready, as you will see their sweet little faces cringe in delight!

Bazooka Bubble Gum Make Back to School Sweet Blog

8.Bazooka Bubble Gum

Going back to school would not be any fun without a big wad of bubble gum to chew on. What would you stick under your desk? Bazooka Bubblegum still comes with it's famous bazooka Joe comic strip on the inside of every wrapper. You'll always have some new jokes to tell your friends! This gum makes some super huge bubbles,. We've been blowing them with this Retro Bubble Gum since 1947!

Toxic Waste Hazardously Sour Candy Make Back to School Sweet Blog

9.Toxic Waste Hazardously Sour Candy

A hazardously Sour Candy! The perfect candy to help you stay awake during class as you will be jolted with all it's intense sour flavor! Kids love sour candy and the small little packages make it easy to stuff your pockets full and then share with all your friends, You'll be the most popular kid in the playground! Toxic Waste also makes High Voltage Bubble Gum so you can also chew on it's shockingly cool sour flavour!

Haribo Alphabet Letters Gummi Candy Make Back to School Candy Sweet Blog


10.Haribo Alphabet Letters

Who knew that learning the alphabet could be so sweet! Now you'll want to eat your words with these mouthwatering, colourful Haribo Gummy Candy. Every letter is full of fresh and fruity flavor, and are made with real fruit juice! Haribo started in the 1920's. An Old Fashioned Candy that is popular all over the world! Haribo makes learning sweet!

Tell us about your favourite Back to School Candy in the comments.

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