How to Throw the Best Oscars Viewing Party

How to Throw the Best Oscars Viewing Party

Are you preparing to throw the best Oscars viewing party the world has ever seen?

Hollywood’s biggest event of the year is right around the corner. The glitz and the glam, the shiny prestigious awards, the winners and the losers, the inevitable drama of the night… we can’t wait!

So, you’ve planned your viewing party to a T— you’ve got your favourite films, actors, and actresses picked out, comfy seating for you and your guests, and the big show all geared up and ready to go. But there’s one thing missing that will make your Oscars viewing party win the award for “Party of the Year”...

The answer is CANDY!

Let’s be honest, the highlight of many a party is always the food—and yes, we do consider candy to be a food group. As you sit down to watch Hollywood’s most famous stars, impress your guests and give them something delicious and sweet to snack on. Popcorn might be the obvious movie-themed party snack choice, but why stay inside the box when you can live outside of it!? Why not surprise your guests with an array of candy that they’ll absolutely love?

Whether they’re rooting for Meryl Streep or Margot Robbie, whether they like Daniel Day-Lewis or Denzel Washington, or even if they’ve never seen any of the movies up for Best Picture, your friends and family will delight in a movie candy buffet, full of their favourite sweets.

Need some ideas on how to “wow” your party guests? Candy Funhouse has got you covered! Check out our tips on how to throw the most epic Oscars viewing party ever:

1. Theatre Candy Packs are always a good idea.

Treat your party guests as if they’re really going to the movies with theatre-style candy packs. The prolonged sweetness these packs offer are perfect for sitting through the lengthy Oscars ceremony. And of course, Candy Funhouse has all of your most favourite movie theatre treats including Butterfinger Bites, Chewy Gobstoppers, Dots, and Sno-Caps, plus so many more.

2. Colour the night gold with a candy buffet.

Everyone loves a good candy buffet, and one of the best ways to celebrate the Oscars in sweet style is to create a candy buffet that’s both unique and customized for the evening’s festivities. A candy buffet is a simple and fun way of taking your party from drab to fab. Plus, it makes your snack plan so much easier!

So, how do you do it? Find yourself a table, jars and bowls for the candy, utensils for scooping, and containers for your guests (e.g.: takeout boxes, classic mini paper pouches, etc.). Then comes the best part: pick out your candy!

The Oscars are all about the golden glitz and glam paired with the classic red carpet, so golden yellows and bright reds would be a perfect combo for your candy buffet colour scheme. Here at Candy Funhouse, we make it super simple to pick your candy based on a colour scheme. You can browse hundreds of different candies that will fit your colour scheme perfectly with just a click of a button.

If the red and gold colour scheme is right up your alley, check out these candies that could be perfect for your event:

Delicious Red Candies

There are so many options for red candies at Candy Funhouse. In honour of the bright red lipstick that many of the Hollywood starlets will be wearing on the red carpet, we recommend Allan Hot Lips. And what would an Oscars party be without licorice? We haven’t forgotten about sour candy lovers, either! Give them something to pucker about with these chewy, slightly sweet, slightly sour candies called Cherry Sours. If you’re looking to show your guests how much you dig them, include some Cinnamon Hearts in your buffet, or a crowd favourite, Cherry Laffy Taffy.

Yummy Yellow Candies

These yellow candies will make your party shine like a golden Oscar award. There are plenty of great options in yellow no matter what type of candy is your favorite! Do you love banana-flavored everything? Try Albert’s Colour Splash Yellow Lollipops or chewy, fruity gummies with a delicious sugary coating aptly named Sugar Bananas. If lemon is more your thing, Lemon Hard Candies or Lemon Yellow Jelly Beans are perfect options. 

3. Celebrate each movie with themed candy.

There are some hard-hitting movies up for nominations this year, many earning multiple nominations in several different categories. One of the best ways to not only celebrate each of the most popular movies of the last year but also to educate your guests on those movies is to theme your candy around each movie.

For example:

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

This epic movie is nominated for four categories including Best Original Score, Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Editing, and Best Sound Mixing. So, impress the Star Wars fans in your life by providing them with some of the best Star Wars-themed candy available!

The force will be with you if you get your guests some Star Wars Taffy Lollipops or maybe some Star Wars Jelly Belly Tins filled with delicious jelly beans in all of your favourite flavours. Better yet, surprise them with Star Wars Chocolate Surprise Eggs! Each one contains a sweet Star Wars collectible surprise after you munch through the milk chocolatey coating.

Dunkirk / Darkest Hour

Dunkirk and Darkest Hour are both films that revolve around World War II. While the films are very different, both have British characters as the protagonists. Bring some British flair to your party and recognize all the great aspects of these two movies by featuring some of the yummiest Brit candy we have to offer!

U.K. faves include the bubbly and smooth Aero Milk Chocolate Bar and the Cadbury Starbar that’s filled with caramel and crushed roasted peanuts. Don’t forget to include the Scottish favourite Lee’s Scottish Tablet or the Galaxy Milk Chocolate Bar. At Candy Funhouse, we have the largest assortment of fresh British candies that you can ship quickly and easily right to your doorstep.

Phantom Thread

Transport your guests back to the ‘50s to celebrate the movie Phantom Thread. This film has been nominated for six Oscar awards including Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Costume Design. This movie is about a renowned dressmaker who creates gorgeous gowns for royalty, heiresses, socialites, and movie stars in the 1950s—so why not celebrate the film with retro candies right from this time period?

1950s candies that will make your Oscars party feel adorably vintage are sweets such as Coconut Long Boys, Atomic Fireballs, Bounty Candy Bars, and Chick-O-Sticks.

The Shape of Water

Last but certainly not least, The Shape of Water is the film that absolutely dominated the Oscar nominations, leading with 13 nominations in categories that include Best Picture, Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Director, Best Original screenplay, and oodles more!

To celebrate this film, “shower” your guests with some water-themed candies such as an assortment of salt water taffy. We have so many types that it might be hard for you to choose! We carry mouth-watering flavours such as watermelon, candy apple,cupcake, and candy floss, and some wackier flavours too, like PB&J and maple bacon!  

What about the other films? What candies might you pair with those? Well, half the fun of planning your treats is browsing our online store and seeing how creative you can get! Go ahead and give it a shot, and be sure to let us know some of your best ideas in the comments.

No matter how you celebrate the Oscars, your viewing party will be a hit with any of these sweet snack ideas. Happy viewing, and happy munching!

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