7 Halloween Stats Revealed by Data Nerds, proves Halloween is Awesome [infographic]

7 Halloween Stats Revealed by Data Nerds, proves Halloween is Awesome [infographic]

The day we dress up, eat candy and have a great time.

It's Halloween!

Now, we all have those friends that don't like Halloween. And I say,

"hey that's okay, we're all into different things..."

But then I ask myself:

"maybe they don't know you get to dress up, eat candy and have fun".

So if you've been looking for more proof that Halloween is awesome, so you can try and convince the haters, we've got you covered my friend.




The Data Says Halloween Is Awesome

According to our friends at TheBalance, Forbes and The Value Penguin, Halloween is fun, awesome, and it's also a day when people spend a ton of money.

Some of the data caught us by surprise:

  • Did you know 20% of people dress up their pets?
  • Do you know which is the most popular costume for adults? It's not what you think.
  • Do you know what popular sports league is worth less than Halloween? This will blow your mind.

The data was so interesting, it jumped out at us and said (in a really spooky voice):

"Create an awesome infographic with this data, or you'll never enjoy candy! EVER AGAIN".

So naturally we felt compelled.

We put together something you can show your friends that don't like Halloween, and prove to them how awesome it is (you're welcome).


Cool Stuff Right?

Were you surprised by the data too? I sure was. Please let me know what surprised you the most in the comments below.

Oh, and if you want to embed this on your site, just copy and paste the code below onto your site.

Happy Halloween!


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WHOA – Crazy stats! What surprised me the most is that the top adult costume is a witch. C’mon! Be more creative!

Pauline Olivia Head
Pauline Olivia Head

What? I’m 1/3 Irish, it’s a national holiday in the Republic of Ireland where it was born. Suckers in Ulster (Northern Ireland) have to go to school and work! Bwah-ha-ha!


OMG I can’t believe it, only 53% of people celebrate Halloween??!!!

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