Canadian vs American Smarties

Canadian vs American Smarties

Did you know that Nestle does not offer your favourite sugar-coated chocolate confectionery in the United States? You would be shocked to find a completely different version in the US. Learn about the differences between Canadian vs American Smarties!

What are American Smarties?

American Smarties Candy Company

In 1949 a company named Ce De Candy created the tablet Candy known as Smarties. Now owned by "Smarties Candy Company", over 2.5 billion rolls are produced per year. This product is also available in Canada under the name "Rockets" to avoid confusion with Nestle Smarties.

What are the Canadian Smarties?

Canadian Smarties Nestle

In 1882 Rowntrees introduced a candy-coated chocolate initially known as "Chocolate Beans" in the UK. Due to the misleading word "beans", Rowntrees rebranded to "Smarties" in 1937. As of 1988 Nestle began to produce the sugar-coated Milk Chocolate snack. Nestle's largest production facility outside of the UK is located in Canada.

Why aren't Nestle Smarties available in the United States?

Although Nestle Smarties entered production in 1937, this was only in the UK. When Smarties was introduced in North America, Smarties Candy Company had already owned the Registered Trademark name "Smarties" in the US. Nestle Smarties are now exclusively available in Canada amongst North America.

Other Nestle snacks not available in the US include Coffee Crisp, Aero, and Big Turk. Check out our Top 10 Canadian Candies here.

Where can you buy Smarties?

Both the American and Canadian versions of Smarties are available at Candy Funhouse. We ship fast across Canada and the United States.

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