#CBridgeClash Fighting Hunger Together

#CBridgeClash Fights Hunger

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Hunger has been a growing concern for Canadians and in particular residents of Southern Ontario for many years now. The struggle has increasingly caused hardship during the Holiday season as those less fortunate cannot enjoy a hot meal with their loved ones. The #CBridgeClash is trying to put an end to one of the worst injustices for Its residents.

Here at Candy Funhouse, the motto is Candy and Fun!  A magical place to be, but also a place that in 2014 created the Cambridge Clash. The strength is in the motto of Fighting Hunger Together! As David Bowie said in his 1977 classic "Heroes", 'We can beat them, just for one day.' The goal of the #CBridgeClash is to beat hunger.

A clash means to fight. Now generally, you would think this would be a negative. In the #CBridgeClash sense it's a fight against hunger, a fight that brings the community together. The goal is to see which community in the City Of Cambridge can raise the most food for the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank.

Our band of super heroes are joining together to raise 25000 pounds of food for those in need.  A grassroots level campaign on social media has taken this challenge by storm. Last year's clash was a tightly contested contest with Preston grabbing the lead and taking the victory with over 3400 pounds of food in the first annual Cambridge Clash.  In just 2 weeks in 2014 over 7000 pounds total were raised. Can Hespeler or Galt take the crown? We will all find out together.

 Many businesses and organizations throughout all of Cambridge, Ontario have signed on to promote the big event. Check out cbridgeclash.ca for a list of all the heroes participating!

#WeCanBeHeroes event was createdWeCanBeHeroes CbridgeClash Candyfunhouse.ca

On Saturday December 5th, from 2-5 pm Candy Funhouse in Preston will be holding the #WeCanBeHeroes event to raise awareness of the #CBridgeClash and to collect food donations.

But most of all we want you to have fun!

At the #WeCanBeHeroes event there will be live music from the Cambridge Super group, The CandyMen. Also appearing is Seven Sundays. Special appearances from Santa, Willy Wonka and Batman!
Don't forget to bring your non perishable food item to the Candy Funhouse retail store at 755 King Street East in Cambridge, Ontario. The more food, the better!
#WeCanBeHeroes event is one you sure will not want to miss. Look for the purple building and you will have found the right spot.
Candy Funhouse wants the #CBridgeClash & #WeCanBeHeroes event to be heard loud and proud! Come join us for the #WeCanBeHeroes event on Saturday, December 5th. Check it out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and let your voices be heard!

The winner of the #CBridgeClash will be announced on The Morning Buzz show on DaveFM on December 18th.


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