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Fighting Hunger Together

#CBridgeClash Fighting Hunger Together

The Cambridge Clash has ended and it was a rousing success to all that were involved. The final piece of the puzzle happened at the Candy Funhouse location in Cambridge as 107.5 Dave Rocks were in the house to announce the winner of the #CBridgeClash.

#CBridgeClash with DaveRocks 107.5 announcing winner at CandyFunhouse.ca

This battle to fight hunger has been an unfortunate growing concern for the community and from the results this year, the Cambridge Clash put a huge dent into this growing issue for all involved. Last year's version of the Clash set a strong pace for the 2015 edition. Over 7000 pounds of food was raised in 2014 for the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank and expectations were running high for this year. The group at DaveFM announced the verdict...final total over 16000 pounds! Over double last year's total result, just an immense amount raised by all. Everyone involved can be so proud of what has been accomplished. The crew at DaveFM 107.5 were also astonished by the totals achieved as you could hear from the live radio broadcast of the results!!

#CBridgeClash Fighting Hunger Together

At Candy Funhouse, the #WeCanBeHeroes event was a major gathering for the #CBridgeClash event and was a smashing success! Fun was had by all. During the final few days of the 2015 Cambridge Clash, the push from all was very apparent to see. The bins all around the city were filling up but the total amount of weight raised was a major question mark for all? I myself, was unsure of the grand total, hearing of large amounts coming in from Preston, Galt & Hespeler of who would be winning the title. The race once again was hotly contested and only one could be the winner. After all was said and done and all the food weight was tallied up, the winner of the Cambridge Clash 2015 was Team Galt, who at over 7000 pounds alone claimed top spot. Congratulations to Team Galt for winning this year's edition but beware Hespeler & Preston will be chasing you down to grab the crown for 2016. If in 2015 the total was over 16000 pounds what could next year's total amount be? Let's all continue Fighting Hunger Together so that we can all be heroes for days upon days!!

#CBridgeClash Fighting Hunger Together at CandyFunhouse.ca

A final thank you to everyone all who participated in #CbridgeClash! A huge amount, 16,000 pounds of food raised and a great time had by all. The generosity of the three communities was truly inspiring. The Cambridge Self Help Food Bank will now be able to provide for those in need during the holiday season and all of us involved can't wait till next year's #CBridgeClash and once again #WeCanBeHeroes!!

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