World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day

If you needed another reason to satisfy your sweet tooth this weekend; July 7th marks World Chocolate Day. For chocolate lovers worldwide, every day is a chocolate day. How will you celebrate?

World Chocolate Day was created by the National Confectioners Association and there are actually three National Chocolate Days throughout the year, on July 7th, October 28th, and December 28th so you won't have to wait another year for your new favourite holiday to roll around.

How is your favourite sweet made?

Chocolate is a sweet treat made from cacao seeds, which are grown on cacao trees in tropical places. Seeds are removed from their pods, dried, roasted, and ground into cocoa powder. Cocoa powder is then mixed with other ingredients like butter, oil, sweeteners, and milk to make chocolate. Chocolate is a staple in the United States and Canada for all sweet treats and holidays like Easter, Christmas, Halloween, and birthdays.

Timeless Favourites

Send yourself back in time with some of the timeless favourites like Whatchamacallit, Cherry Blossom's, 5th Avenue's, Charleston Chew's, Crunchies, and Milkybar's. Or try something new with our selection of sought-after Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs, Surprise Eggs, Homemade Fudgecups, and International favourites. 

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Our Chocolate Selection

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Michelle Bobbitt
Michelle Bobbitt

Love all kinds of chocolate especially zero bars…aero bars…Whoppers.. anything chocolate except with nuts

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