Why You Need a Corporate Subscription

Why You Need a Corporate Subscription

There once was a time where snacking in the office felt illegal. Lunch was a scheduled break and it was expected that any eating was done during this time. However, over the years snacking in the workplace has become a serious enterprise. This is because snacks can make employees happier! Snacking provides micro-breaks which gives an employee a chance to take a step back from their work and recuperate, especially when stressed or frustrated. They are morale boosters that can help spread positive feelings within the workplace.   

The question is, what kind of snacks should you provide? We always recommend something sweet! There’s plenty of evidence that candy in moderation can reduce stress and improve your mood. In fact, a Harvard study showed that people who eat candy (in moderation) outlived those who don’t!

The great news is that it’s even easier to get candy for your business. In fact there are many businesses that provide subscription boxes and deliver right to your workplace! The Candy Funhouse Subscription box is exactly that. Our corporate subscription box is perfect for delivering a carefully curated selection of the best chocolate, candy and snacks that will increase comradery and boost morale! Still not convinced? Let’s break down why you should have a corporate subscription box.

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Having a Candy Funhouse subscription is easy and convenient. Once subscribed, we do all the work. With our expertise in candy, we guarantee to bring you a collection of new and unique candies, chips and cookies from around the world as well as a large selection of classics. We then deliver it to your workplace monthly (or however frequently you’d like) for the whole staff to enjoy.  

Employees Love It 

Having candy in the office can boost morale and increase productivity! When employees are stressed and hungry their level of concentration and efficiency can decrease. With sweets in the office however, employees are encouraged to get up, take a break and get a snack. Not only does candy encourage employees to stretch their legs and help improve their focus, it encourages comradery! Catching up around the snacks is great for team building and strengthening relationships.

Clients Love It

Having candy on hand is not only great for your employees but also your clients! Having sweets on hand for visitors provides a welcoming atmosphere and can help make their day! A pleasant experience in your office can not only keep them coming back, but can also help them recommend you to their friends and family. Additionally, having treats readily available can help reduce client anxiety and improve the atmosphere in meetings and presentations.

It Arrives Right to Your Front Door!

Candy Funhouse will deliver your package right to the office in no time! Having snacks readily available and on hand for your employees keeps them at the office and right back to work after a quick break. With a short delivery time, you office will be snacking anytime it's needed.

Employees Love Perks!

Perks are appreciated everywhere in life, but especially at work. When you spend a large portion of your day in the office, little perks make your job more cheerful, lively and interesting. Having candy available can improve your employees mood, boost business and even help retain employees. A business that shows it cares about their employees is more likely to keep talented people! 

Candy Funhouse is perfect for your office! Let us help boost office morale with our collection of new and unique candies from around the world as well as a large selection of classics. You can’t go wrong with a subscription box.  

How to sign up:

Subscribe here! Whether you want to try a single box, or sign up for several months, our flexible options won’t disappoint. With the box changing monthly as well as several special themed boxes, each box will deliver a new sweet surprise.

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