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Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Gift The Tastiest Valentine’s Day Candy!

Valentine's Day is approaching, and it's the perfect time to surprise the special man in your life with a delightful array of candies that will not only tickle his taste buds but also warm his heart. At Candy Funhouse, we've handpicked a selection of the top Valentine's Day gifts for him, ensuring a delightful blend of sweetness and fun. Dive into this carefully curated list that promises to make his heart skip a beat!

Sour Patch Kids Sour Hearts Black Raspberry Theatre Box 

Sour Patch Kids Sour Hearts - Valentine's Day Candy - Black Raspberry Flavoured Treats

Tell your sweetheart how much he means to you with the Sour Patch Kids Sour Hearts Black Raspberry Theatre Box. Shaped like hearts and infused with the bold flavour of black raspberries, these candies are a tangy sensation that will surely awaken his taste buds. It's a playful and vibrant way to express your love, and great way to keep the evening sweet!

Welch’s Juicefuls Heart Throbs

Welch’s Juicefuls Heart Throbs - Valentine's Day Fruit Snacks - Heart-Shaped Juicy Delights

Tell your man that he’s a heart throb with Welch’s Juicefuls Heart Throbs. These juicy treats bring a burst of real fruit flavours in every heart-shaped bite. Gift him the joy of juicy goodness with these delightful fruit snacks that are not only sweet but also a healthier alternative. Show him that you care about his taste preferences and well-being in a uniquely delicious way!

The Perfect Man Milk Chocolate

The Perfect Man Chocolate - Valentine's Day Chocolate Gift - Milk Chocolate Delights

Tell your man that he’s the perfect man for you with The Perfect Man chocolate, a delightful creation that combines the sweetness of milk chocolate with the figure of a muscular hunk! Crafted with care, this chocolate treat is a charming way to show your affection and add a touch humour to the day! We’re sure your man will find this amusing and memorable!

Super Mario Heart Tin w/ Milk Chocolate 

Super Mario Heart Tin - Valentine's Day Chocolate Tin - Nintendo Chocolate Treats

This gift is perfect for the men that are Super Mario fans out there! Merge nostalgia and sweetness with the Super Mario Heart Tin filled with milk chocolate. This uniquely themed tin will not only excite his taste buds but also takes him on a trip down memory lane. The iconic characters from Super Mario will add a playful touch to his Valentine's Day.

Mickey & Minnie Gummies Valentine 

Mickey & Minnie Gummies Valentine - Disney Gummy Treats - Valentine's Day Disney Candies

If you consider your relationship comparable to Mickey and Minnie’s, then we suggest you surprise him with the Mickey & Minnie Gummies Valentine. Shaped like beloved characters, these gummies bring the magic of Disney to his fingertips. It's a whimsical and flavourful journey that combines the joy of candy with the charm of Disney.

Sweethearts Cutie Pie 5-Pack

Sweethearts Cutie Pie - Valentine's Day Candy Hearts - Assorted Flavoured Hearts

Gift your sweet man a pack of love with the Sweethearts Cutie Pie 5-Pack. This pack of conversation hearts are the sweetest way to tell your pookie how you feel about him. Have these in a bowl or scattered throughout the house so he sees how much you mean to him while enjoying a sweet treat in the meantime.

Swedish Fish Hearts

Swedish Fish Hearts - Valentine's Day Swedish Fish - Heart-Shaped Fish Candies

Get his heart racing with the Swedish Fish Hearts. If your man loves to snack on gummies, then he’s surely going to love these heart shaped treats! This delightfully lovable twist to the beloved candy brings a sweet joy to every bite. It's a unique and flavourful way to share your love on Valentine's Day!

Red Vines Cinnamon Spice

Red Vines Cinnamon Spice - Valentine's Day Red Vines - Spicy Twist on Classic Licorice

Spice up Valentine’s Day with Red Vines Cinnamon Spice! Give your licorice-loving boo the sweetest taste of this tangy treat. Once he gets a taste of this unique twist on the classic licorice, he won’t be able to resist going back for seconds. It's a bold and flavourful choice that will surely spice up your Valentine's Day celebration.

Jolly Rancher Gummies Sour Awesome Reds

Jolly Rancher Gummies Sour Awesome Reds - Sour Candy Mix - Jolly Rancher Valentine's Day Gummies

Tickle his taste buds with the bold and tangy flavours of Jolly Rancher Gummies Sour Awesome Reds. This assortment of sour Valentine’s candies come in pink and red colours to add a vibrant and lively touch to his candy collection. The intense burst of fruitiness is sure to make his Valentine's Day memorable.

Vidal Peach Heart Gummies

Vidal Peach Heart Gummies - Peach-Flavoured Gummy Hearts - Sweet and Fruity Gummy Treats

To round off this list, we have the Vidal Peach Heart Gummies for your sweet babe! This treat is the perfect candy for those men that can’t get enough of gummies and have a sweet tooth for peach flavoured candy! These heart-shaped gummies capture the sweet and fruity essence of peaches, and add a fun twist on the classic gummy treats. Show your man how much you appreciate him with his favourite candy!

Do you think your man will love these Valentines candies?

This Valentine's Day, give your man what he’s been craving with Candy Funhouse’s collection of Valentine’s candies. No matter what his sweet tooth craves, we have a wide variety of candies that will surely hit the spot! Surprise him with a mix of playful and delicious treats, and create lasting memories together. Happy Valentine's Day!

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