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Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Show your love with Valentine’s Day candy!

Can you feel the love? It’s all around! Well, it certainly is at the Funhouse! With Valentine’s Day swiftly approaching, we’ve got an irresistible collection of romantic treats that will make your lady’s heart surely melt! 

If you’re trying to get a special treat for your Valentine this year, we’ve got you covered. We’ve curated a list of 10 Valentine’s Day candies that will make the day just as sweet as it is memorable!

Hershey’s Pink Cookies ‘n’ Creme

Hershey’s Pink Cookies ‘n’ Creme - Valentine's Day Chocolate - Pink Chocolate Delights - Hershey’s - Hershey’s Chocolate - Hershey’s Cookies n Creme - Valentine’s Day Candy - Valentines Day Candy

Give your main squeeze a sensational Valentine’s Day experience with the delightful elegance of Hershey’s Pink Cookies ‘n’ Creme. This enchanting pink heart shaped Hershey’s chocolate is not only super cute, but it also offers a unique twist on the classic Cookies 'n' Creme flavour. It's a treat that blends sophistication with sweetness, making it the perfect gift for her on Valentine's Day.

PEZ Valentine’s Teddy Bear

PEZ Valentine’s Teddy Bear - Valentine's Day Candy Dispenser - Collectible PEZ Dispenser - PEZ - PEZ Candy - Valentine’s Day Candy - Valentines Day Candy

Is the lady in your life a retro-loving girl? Gift her a nostalgic trip down memory lane with the PEZ Valentine’s Teddy Bear. This adorable PEZ dispenser combines the joy of sweet iconic PEZ candies with the charm of a collectible teddy bear. Make her smile with the sweetness of the adorable Teddy Bear candy!

Brach’s Strawberry Cupcake Glitter Lollipops

Brach’s Strawberry Cupcake Glitter Lollipops - Valentine's Day Lollipops - Glittery Candy Treats - Brach’s Strawberry Lollipop - Brach’s Lollipop - Brach’s Candy - Valentines Day Candy - Valentine’s Day Candy

Add a touch of glamour to her Valentine's Day with Brach’s Strawberry Cupcake Glitter Lollipops. Show your woman how she brings the sweetness and shine into your world like these glitter lollipops. These glittery delights not only captivate the eyes but also enchant the taste buds with the luscious flavour of strawberry cupcakes. It's a pure and indulgent way to express your love.

Hershey’s Kisses Vanilla Frosting

Hershey’s Kisses Vanilla Frosting - Valentine's Day Hershey’s Kisses - Vanilla-Infused Chocolate - Hershey’s - Hershey’s Chocolate - Valentine’s Day Candy - Valentines Day Candy

Give your lady a kiss – a Hershey’s Kiss, that is, with the indulgent Hershey’s Kisses Vanilla Frosting. Pair this package of creamy chocolatey goodness with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and let the romantic festivities begin! Each bite is a beautiful blend of rich chocolate infused with the sweetness of vanilla, creating a heavenly combination that she'll savour with every kiss-shaped chocolate.

Dots Cherry Lover’s Valentine Theatre Pack

Dots Cherry Lover’s Valentine Theatre Pack - Valentine's Day Candy Dots - Cherry-Flavoured Gummies - Dots Candy - Valentines Day Candy - Valentine’s Day Candy

Gift her a burst of fruity joy with the Dots Cherry Lover’s Valentine Theatre Pack. These cherry-flavoured gummies are an experience of vibrant flavours that will make her taste buds dance with pure delight. It's a sweet celebration of love in every chewy piece. Let the love pour out!!

Starburst Conversation Hearts

Starburst Conversation Hearts - Valentine's Day Starburst - Fruit-Flavoured Candy Hearts - Starburst - Starburst Candy - Valentine’s Day Candy

Spark a conversation of love with Starburst Conversation Hearts. This iconic Valentine’s Day candy has taken on many forms over the years. If your sweetie pie is a fan of Starburst candy, then you’re going to make her Valentine’s Day extra sweet! These heart-shaped candies are not only a symbol of affection but also a burst of fruity flavours that will leave her wanting more. Share sweet moments and delightful chats with these colourful and chewy treats. 

Nerds Rope Valentine

Nerds Rope Valentine - Valentine's Day Nerds Rope - Colourful Nerdy Treats - Nerds - Nerds Candy - Valentine’s Day Candy

Make her Valentine's Day colourful with the Nerds Rope Valentine. Use this tasty candy as a decorative piece for a romantic Valentine’s dinner, or add them to a bouquet of flowers for a sweet surprise. This playful and vibrant treat combines the crunchiness of Nerds with the chewiness of a rope, creating a unique candy experience. It's a gift that adds a touch of whimsy to the celebration of the closest woman in your life.

Sour Patch Kids Hearts Theatre Box

Sour Patch Kids Hearts Theatre Box - Valentine's Day Sour Patch Kids - Heart-Shaped Sour Candies - Sour Patch Kids - Sour Patch Kids Hearts - Valentine’s Day Candy

Surprise your boos taste buds with the delightful contrast of sweet and sour in the Sour Patch Kids Hearts Theatre Box. These Sour Patch Kids are a fun way to add an electrifying jolt to the love-filled day! Shaped like hearts, these candies add a playful twist to the classic Sour Patch Kids. It's a box of joy that will make her heart pucker with delight.

Sweetarts Conversation Hearts

Sweetarts Conversation Hearts - Valentine's Day Sweetarts - Tangy Candy Hearts - Sweetarts - Sweetarts Candy - Valentines Day Candy

Express your true love with the tangy sweetness of Sweetarts Conversation Hearts. Tell your woman how much she means to you with these sweet messages expressing the love you share. It's a fun and tasty way to convey your feelings to the love of your life on Valentine's Day.

Red Velvet Cupid Cookie Kit

Red Velvet Cupid Cookie Kit - Valentine's Day Baking Kit - DIY Valentine's Day Cookies - Red Velvet Cupid Cookie - Valentine’s Day Cookie - Valentines Day Candy

If the woman in your life loves to use her hands, and loves to get her creative juices flowing, then we suggest you unleash your creativity together with the Red Velvet Cupid Cookie Kit. This DIY baking kit is not just a delicious treat but is also a fun activity for both of you to enjoy and remember for years to come. Baking and sharing these red velvet cookies will create lasting memories and add a personal touch to your Valentine's Day celebration!

Did we happen to list her favourite candy brand?

This Valentine's Day, let your love speak through the language of sweets. No matter the personality or palate, these carefully selected treats will surely bring a sweet smile to your lady’s face! Surprise her with a mix of delightful flavours and charming designs that will make this Valentine's Day a truly sweet and memorable occasion for everyone. Happy Valentine's Day!

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