Top 10 Salt Water Taffy to celebrate summer

Top Ten Salt Water Taffy to Celebrate Summer

Summer means Salt Water Taffy!

Salt Water Taffy, Salt Water Boardwalk, Taffy

 Summer is in the air, and that means one thing, Salt Water Taffy! 

It's one of our very favourite candies that comes in an endless variety of delicious flavours. 

Contrary to popular belief, there is no salt in Salt Water Taffy. The name implies how this candy was created, and let's just say it took the world by storm!

This old-fashioned candy is over 125 years old and got its sweet start in New Jersey Atlantic City.

 A huge storm in 1883 had ushered in water through the stores on the boardwalk. One was a candy store owned by David Bradley, who happened to sell taffy candy. His candy became soaked during the storm, and a hungry customer asked if he had any candy left. He replied, "I have Salt Water Taffy".

The name certainly stuck, and saltwater candy has since become a worldwide sensation!

Our Candyologists have chosen Taffy Town as their favourite taffy!

We just can't get enough of this candy! With so little time and so many flavours to try, here's some of the best Salt Water Taffy...

#1. Cotton Candy Salt Water Taffy

Taffy, Salt Water Taffy, Taffy Town, Taffy Town Candy, Cotton Candy Taffy, Cotton Candy Salt Water Taffy

Experience that carnival atmosphere minus the Ferris wheel with our Cotton CandySalt Water Taffy.

Made with a light and airy feel and the ultimate chewy texture. As you unwrap this brightly coloured pink and blue candy, the sweet scent of fluffy cotton candy comes alive.

With every bite, that cotton candy flavour intensifies and before you know it, the entire bag will disappear.

Before it does, share some amongst family and friends. Bring it to barbeques, picnics or the cottage. It won't melt in the sun like chocolate and provides a sweet mix of fun and deliciousness!

#2. Vanilla Salt Water Taffy

Taffy, Salt Water Taffy, Taffy Town, Taffy Town Candy, Vanilla Taffy, Vanilla Salt Water Taffy

Filled with the sweet and luscious taste of vanilla. This candy makes for the most perfect sweet treat anytime.

The aromatic scent of vanilla will fill the air. As you sink your teeth into this white taffy candy, you'll be reminded of a fresh and fluffy vanilla-flavoured cake. The chewy texture is second to none, and the airy and light feel of this candy is more than enticing!

#3. Watermelon Salt Water Taffy

Taffy, Salt Water Taffy, Taffy Town, Taffy Town Candy, Watermelon Taffy, Watermelon Salt Water Taffy

Indulge in the ultimate summertime taste of watermelon with this Saltwater candy.

Giving you that fresh and juicy flavour of watermelon without having to worry about those juices dripping down your chin or those annoying seeds.

Just unwrap and enjoy the soft and tender texture and the sweet and succulent taste.

This taffy candy comes in a bright shade of green with some hot pink in the center. You'll feel the sizzle of summer as your teeth eagerly sink into the happy taste of watermelon.

Share in the deliciousness! Bring some along for your day at the beach, picnics or any party. It's sure to induce a smile and, of course, fun!

#4. Grape Salt Water Taffy

Taffy, Salt Water Taffy, Taffy Town, Taffy Town Candy, Grape Taffy, Grape Salt Water Taffy

When that chewy texture of taffy candy and the tangy taste of grape meet up, it's pure perfection!

Coming in a two-tone purple colour, this grape candy is bursting with intense fragrance and juicy flavour.

Soft and tender, and becomes deeply intensified with every chewy bite. Providing a long-lasting and luscious taste.

You'll never have sour grapes when it comes to this candy, just the pure and naked nectar of the almighty grape.

#5. Cinnamon Roll Salt Water Taffy

Taffy, Salt Water Taffy, Taffy Town, Taffy Town Candy, Cinnamon Taffy, Cinnamon Salt Water Taffy

If you're fanatical about the delectable flavour of cinnamon rolls, this one's for you!

Imagine a freshly baked cinnamon roll filled with the bold and earthy taste of cinnamon and topped off with a swirl of icing. This taffy candy has it all in one bite!

Soft and amazingly chewy, each and every bite offers an exceptional taste of the very best cinnamon roll you have ever tasted, sorry mom!

This saltwater taffy will capture your tastebuds and gift you a lifelong craving for this incredible-tasting cinnamon roll candy!

#6. Bubble Gum Salt Water Taffy

Taffy, Salt Water Taffy, Taffy Town, Taffy Town Candy, Bubble Gum Taffy, Bubble Gum Salt Water Taffy

One taste of this candy, and you'll be reminiscing of school days gone by, big juicy bubbles and fun!

Talk about being tickled pink! As you unwrap this candy, the aroma of sweet bubble gum will overtake your tastebuds!

 Your mouth will water as you experience that fresh and juicy burst of pure bubblegum flavour in every bite.

An ideal candy for sharing. Spread the bubbly fun with family and friends. Great for long car rides to the cottage, sunny beach days, pool parties or any outdoor event.

#7. Strawberry Salt Water Taffy

Taffy, Salt Water Taffy, Taffy Town, Taffy Town Candy, Strawberry Taffy, Strawberry Salt Water Taffy

We're convinced the way to happiness is right here inside this strawberry-flavoured salt water taffy. 

The mere scent of this candy and your mouth will begin to water in anticipation. The aromatic strawberry scent will propel you into a field of fresh and luscious strawberries.

It's light, airy and incredibly chewy. Offering you what tastes like a bite of a fresh and plump strawberry.

This candy just screams delicious! Coming in a pink shade with stripes of red. It's cheerful and bright and is great for sharing.

Spread the strawberry bliss with this taffy candy!

#8. Frosted Cupcake Salt Water Taffy

Taffy, Salt Water Taffy, Taffy Town, Taffy Town Candy, Frosted Cupcake Taffy, Frosted Cupcake Salt Water Taffy

It's a party! This taffy candy is off-the-charts delicious. It's filled with fun, flavour and intense chewiness.

As you unwrap this candy, you'll be flooded with the sweet scent of cupcakes. Coming in a white overall colour with bright specs in the center. It just looks like a celebration, and as you taste it, you realize it is!

The texture is almost fluffy, it's so light and airy. The more you chew, the more of that cupcake flavour comes out. 

You'll feel like waiting to blow out some birthday candles! This makes a great candy to share with family and friends. Add it to a fun candy buffet, or bring it along to other get-togethers.

#9. Sassy Salt Water Taffy

Taffy, Salt Water Taffy, Taffy Town, Taffy Town Candy, Sassy Taffy, Sassy Salt Water Taffy

You'll be feeling the sour sass when it comes to this candy! Coming in a variety of fruity and sour flavours, there's sure to be a favourite for everyone.

You get a variety of tastes, including Lemon, Orange, Grape, Green Apple, Raspberry and Cherry.

If you're a sour candy connoisseur, this taffy was made for you. The fruity flavours still come through, but that sour hit provides all that necessary tanginess!

As you open up the bag, the delightful scent of fruity flavours is very enticing. You get double the deliciousness all in one candy. Sweet and sour with that perfect light and chewy texture.

#10. Banana Cream Pie Salt Water Taffy

Taffy, Salt Water Taffy, Taffy Town, Taffy Town Candy, Banana Cream Taffy, Banana Cream Salt Water Taffy

Wouldn't it be incredible if there was a candy that tasted just like your favourite dessert? 

Well, this is that candy! You'll go bananas as you unwrap this mouthwatering taffy. Coming in shades of brown, yellow and white and filled with that decadent taste of Banana Cream Pie!

Sure, you'll have another slice and candy too! The flavour is spot on, and the texture is phenomenal.

This saltwater candy will unleash all the banana cream pie flavours you could possibly imagine. It's the perfect candy to have at any function, it's definitely a crowd-pleaser.

Dream of the boardwalk with this taffy!

Whatever the occasion Salt Water Taffy always fits the bill! You don't need to be beachside either or walking on the boardwalk. This candy always hits the spot, no matter what flavour your craving.

We've got the best Salt Water Taffy right here! Tell us which flavour you'll try next.

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